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Dyon Dawson Battles Duality With Her New EP, 'Gemini Heart'

Dyon Dawson, the power vocalist and Pop/R&B Songwriter based in Los Angeles has a fresh, emotional EP that is well worth diving into. The project at hand, titled 'Gemini Heart,' released on June 7, 2023, delves into her duality, the battle between the need for love and the urge to remain free and unattached.

The southern California native has been working with producers such as SOAL to bring this body of work to life, providing a variety of new sounds that reflect every aspect of who she is present and becoming.

After the first listen, we at BuzzMusic can surely admit that there is a diversity in sonic textures that creates an intimate journey that the listener can join in on and vibe to. The versatility in genres doesn’t seem forced; it feels natural as the writing juxtaposes itself alongside the change in production styles throughout the five records.

The project ranges from the high-energy pop hit “Need Your Love” to the sexy, sultry vibes of “Low Down Dirty Woman,” portraying an ability to adapt to various sonic atmospheres. The cherry on top has a robust and passionate voice to add to the emotions of this rollercoaster of an EP.

Dyon Dawson’s songwriting shines to the forefront on 'Gemini Heart.' She has nothing to hide regarding intimate thoughts and emotions. She even quotes her mother in “I Believe in Me,” singing ever so softly, “A flower blossoms no matter what the season brings,” emphasizing the importance of self-love before sharing love with another. Also, having a rap feature on this record interestingly brings a male perspective into the mix. The ultra-personal writing style attracts the interest of the listener without fail.

Dawson shared her thoughts on the EP, exclaiming, “Sometimes I want to feel in the rush of being in love and starting something new, and sometimes I look in the mirror and tell myself no one is worth the challenges and stress of dating in 2023, and not to settle. I wanted to write an EP expressing the varying emotions of being a young woman finding and redefining herself.”

She did just that, and most intimacy-seeking people can relate to this in this modern Western society, where true love is hard to find as social media is creating fictional narratives in our minds of what love truly is.

Start streaming 'Gemini Heart' today, available everywhere now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dyon! Congratulations on your EP release, 'Gemini Heart.' The project is very versatile and filled with emotion. How was the decision-making process for the flow of the track list?

Gemini Heart is all about the emotions and stages I've been through dating in the last few years. You have the first stage, where you start 0ff excited and with butterflies; that's the feeling you get when listening to the first two songs, Addicted and Need Your Love. Then comes the time they may do something that royally pisses you off or turns you into someone who doesn't care anymore. That's when Low Down Dirty Woman and Free come into play. I chose I Believe In Me for the last song because you have to step back and remember who you are and what you stand for.

Were there records that didn't make the cut?

Yes, several didn't make it for a few different reasons. Mainly because I have another project dropping soon that will be a blend of the r&b and alternative rock genres, so I wanted to keep those songs for that! Stay tuned

Did you find it difficult writing such personal records around finding true love to share with the world?

Yes and No. I love writing about my current life, but many of those songs haven't been shared. So, sharing a song like FREE was hard for me because that song is a letter to myself about valuing myself more. It's the sensible Gemini inside me talking to my other Gemini side. That's why you hear the intro in the beginning. It's my inner thoughts.

You titled the body of work "Gemini Heart," do you have an affinity for astrology? How did this impact the creation process?

I'm not big into astrology. I named it Gemini Heart because I always get teased about being a bi-polar acting Gemini and too gullible. I spoke to a friend during the final stages of putting together the EP, and I remember her saying, "I don't think your poor Gemini Heart can take another F*ck Boy," and right then I said That's it! That's the name.

Did a specific individual inspire the records, or was it more a collection of experiences with love?

Need Your Love happens to have a secret meaning, but that is something I'm not exactly ready to share just yet. For the most part, Gemini Heart is a collection of my experiences attempting to date in Los Angeles post-pandemic.

What would your advice be to a love-seeking listener after taking in the entirety of 'Gemini Heart' that wasn't already stated in the lyrics?

My only advice for anyone seeking love is to know your worth and love yourself first. I think this EP was therapeutic in teaching me how to do both.


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