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DYYNVMIC Lays Down Some Dangerously Infectious Vibes Over his Latest Hip-Hop Single, "Coupe"


t's definitely a special time to be a Hip-hop enthusiast when the California-bred Rapper DYYNVMIC finally breaks a two-year hiatus away from music in order to drop another earth-shaking single.

With a salacious pre-chorus that sounds like the reminiscent mantras from something like Kendrick Lamar's "M.a.a.d City," this La Puente rhymester's freshest trap-hop offering, "Coupe," oozes potent vibes that diffuse from this artist's vast creative arsenals. 

"Coupe," is a song that carries an exciting dynamic that traverses between smooth-operating stanzas where the DYYNVMIC cheekily devastates through his nonchalant versifications, "murder on the beat, need a toe tag, looking for some ink, need some more tats, hella caffeine, but I don't crash."

His cadence combined with his fervent tonality render like magnetic hooks that stick similar to adhesive almost immediately from the moment the sound pressure blesses the eardrum.

As DYYNVMIC festers over his motor-sport car and boasts over his "play-hard, hard-work" ethos, "Coupe" takes a creamlike detour into inebriated, half hesitating territories where the Cali-talent ruminates over the next section he's about to lay down on his listener, it's a set-up that endows a well-worthy pay-off when the track erupts over the hooking top-line melody: "riding in my own lane (no room), handle business like a grown man, yeah my daddy always told me (make moves), now I'm doubling my money." 

Looking back at the gyrating, feel-good, and look-good vibe evaporating over from the California notoriety's come-back single, "Coupe" stands as the foundation for his bid over the inner working of his listeners' musical trends, with ample cue to hum along and dance to the new sonic juice he has to offer.

Hello DYYNVMIC and welcome to BuzzMUsic. Can you walk us through the inception of "Coupe," and how you manifested some of the emotions you captured throughout your performance?

The story of Coupe believes it or not begins almost a year ago. I used to be a member of a two-man group but within the last 2 years, I became a solo act and completely rebranded myself. I began recording and writing religiously and one day I wrote this song after my new logo was designed and it’s mantra Don’t Yield Yourself was embedded in my brain. “I’m on my own, I have a whole new path and a fire lit inside me that no one is going to stop.” Those are the emotions that fueled me to create the song, which in my opinion is exactly what my brand is all about. No matter the mission whether it be becoming a hip-hop superstar or a single parent juggling both school and work, don’t let anything stop or slow you down from achieving your ultimate goal. 

What were some of your aesthetic and musical influences behind "Coupe," and how did you incorporate those inspirations here?

I’ve always been a fan of the art of hip-hop. The rhyme schemes, the similes, the punchlines, all that is just really mesmerizing to me. That being said I took inspirations from Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott & Eminem. There are certain pieces to each of their respective sounds and styles that I love, that I mixed together to create my own. One main thing for example is the verses. I’ve always loved how Eminem just commands the track with his verses that seem to just go on forever. I used that inspiration and really packed in a nice array of rhymes and sounds throughout each of my verses. 

Do you feel like "Coupe" is a genuine representation of the innovative Music you're planning on releasing as an Independent artist this year?

I definitely think the song represents me as an artist. I chose Coupe as the warm single to give my listeners a taste of what’s to come next as I gear up for my first EP release on October 16th. I’ve been in such a creative and invigorated state of mind I feel that I have been outdoing myself with each new song that I write. There are lots of new tools that I have been adding to my arsenal as I fine-tune my sound that I feel the constant switches in Coupe really give great representation to. That being said I feel the growth and what I am capable of as an artist is on full display but again it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I intend on impressing and energizing my listeners with each new release. 

If you could give your listeners a few words that would enhance the experience you intended behind "Coupe," what would you say and why?

The lyrics really say it all “Riding in my own lane, no room/ Handle business like a grown man, that’s true.” The song is 100% me. I work hard for everything I have and I myself, juggle both a full-time job and my music career. The music video shows the double life I live and I hope everyone else out there working towards something sees that, and takes that as inspiration so together we continue in our journey to success. If I can do that then to me there really is nothing more rewarding. 

What can we expect to see next from you?

Well short term like I mentioned earlier in this interview, October 16th is the release of my first EP called “Road Work.” So you can definitely be expecting that. Long term the official launch of my brand Don’t Yield Yourself, an official merch line, lots of shows hopefully once we are cleared to get back out in front of an audience, and Music. Lots and lots of music. That is my number one passion and I really just want to create and share what I have to say with the world and hopefully, they enjoy it and we can all sing along together as make it through this thing called life. 



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