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E.C.G & His Charismatic New Hit “OO”

E.C.G is a 27 years old artist from Minnesota but born and raised in the city of New York. E.C.G took his first steps in rapping when he participated in battles at just simply 8 years old. In his earlier years, he fostered his love for music by starting off as an MC before transitioning into a producer and engineer for himself, and others.

E.C.G’s music is the center stage where old school Hip Hop and the atmospheric instrumentals of today’s music converge. All his songs, each developed from scratch, encapsulate a sound entirely of his own. In a combination of heavy 808s, memorable melodies and undulating choruses, E.C.G’s music are simply put, hypnotic.

E.C.G released his latest single titled “OO”, and as simple as the title is, the record is actually highly detailed.

The beat was relentless and had the listener moving and feeling the rhythm of the bass. “OO” had a unique lyrical approach to the song. The song begins with an enticing introduction. The lyric arrangement was a nice blend between two different generations of hip-hop and rap. With elements of classic lyricism being displayed, E.C.G proves to be a rapper with a multi-faceted characteristic. “OO” would do great at a local party this summer, while also feeling digestible for the old head lovers of hip-hop and rap. E.C.G is an intricate artist who knows he has what it takes to become the next big thing in the rap industry. With a fire hit like “OO”, he proved to have the sound needed to bridge the gaps between two different decades of rap. “OO” is made up of witty lyricism, trendy deliveries, and an old-school appeal, posing across a popular trap beat.

Get to know E.C.G in our interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic E.C.G ! A producer and an artist, your job could be difficult at times! What are some challenges you face in creating the right hit single?

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! Yeah, I can switch between hats a lot. That's a good question for me; it comes in two answers. One part of it is knowing when to stop. As a producer sometimes the vibe of your session can take you or you become too close to the project and you start making choices that you don't necessarily need. I find myself asking "do I need to add another snare layer?" or "should I tweak the drums a little more", all very good questions by themselves but is it helping my instrumental tell its story? My second half of that answer is knowing when to release the material. A lot of times you see artist go from studio to end product in days or even weeks and that's not a bad thing when you know exactly what is expected of you. For me I just love to create and after a few months of it I take a step back and review everything I have and see what sticks to me. For some of my work, I made the instrumental over 2 years ago and am just now getting around to it. Everything has a time and place to me so I tend to take my time.

Do you prefer to produce a track? Or record/perform it?

Good question! I love to preform believe it or not. I love producing, making something from nothing. Taking an idea from someones head and bringing it to life is some of the most rewarding work, but the art of preforming live is a different mindset all together. Breath control, delivery, stage presence; all of it comes into play when face to face with people and I love that. Figuring out what gets the crowd to react and tune into what I have to say is more rewarding to me.

What was the theme and vision for “OO” ?

"OO" is a record where I chose to have a little bit of fun. The idea of "OO" is about how you chose to be consistent and loyal, allowing you to level up on the people around you. I wanted to tell the story, not just in my way but a way that's relatable so everyone can enjoy it.

How did the arrangement of "OO" help you tell your story?

It's down to the smallest detail when it comes to that. I let my lyric sculpt the record. I'll make an instrumental and have it completely arranged out to how I think the instrumental should sound. Then once I add lyrics, I let them guide the rest of the production. I find what makes certain words stand out more and how can I make you feel a couple bars or a certain phrase. Every detail comes down to the arrangement.

What is next for you?

Well May 28th you'll be able to listen to my new EP "Loyalty" available on all main streaming platforms. I'm also headed to the west coast so if you're interested in seeing what all the hype is about, follow me on Twitter: @ECGTheArtist ; Instagram:@ECGTheArtist ; and Facebook:ECGTheArtist.

Thanks for having me and letting me borrow your attention for a moment. Till next time!


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