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E-Dash Shows Us How Saucy He Is With “2 Much Sauce”

E-Dash was born in Queens, New York and since 9 years old music has been his outlet. He has a significant amount of experience as the CEO of his own indie label titled “B-R-E-A.L. ENT LLC”. he has significant experience with 5 albums under his belt and has made guest appearances on many unsigned artists tracks.

We took a listen to “2 Much Sauce” and the melodies were accessible and had us infected due to how contagious they were. E-Dash accomplished a nice delivery with a flow that reminded me of those well-articulated rappers who knew how to flow with a sonically rapid approach. You can tell E-Dash is an ambitious young artist with a lot to offer. I mean his background says it all. So were we surprised that the passion in E-Dash was presented in “2 Much Sauce”? He’s an assured artist with a lot to offer us and we’re excited to soak everything in. “2 Much Sauce” was a banging track with a production that was arranged with heat. The vocal resonance in the hook was actually quite beautiful while the lyrics remained bold and in our faces. “2 Much Sauce” was a super dope hit that we thoroughly enjoyed!

Check out "2 Much Sauce" and read more with E-Dash below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic E-Dash! How challenging was it for you to create your own indie label?

Not that hard but it did take a while to solidify myself as an established label that's an llc.

Where do you find inspiration for your dope style and artistry?

I look up to 2 artist jay-z and tupac those two influence me to be great and better than before.

Who would you consider some of your influences?

Life and everyday reality plus "change" its the only thing that's constant in life.

“2 Much Sauce” was a nicely executed track. In what ways does this song represent you?

It's how I feel and is somewhat relevant to my life nowadays

From an artist perspective, what do you love the most about “2 Much Sauce”?

The flow and beat is incredible! The vibes and chorus is captivating and inspirational!!

What’s next for you E-Dash?

Promote my album on Spotify and all other platforms grow my label and television show and keep growing and rising with love.


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