E-Sac Takes Us On An Emotional Journey With, “What Are We Living For”

E-Sac is a hip-hop artist from Long Beach, California but was born in San Luis Río Colorado, Mexico, relocating at a young age after his mother wanted to give him a better life. His music tells a story, similar to a journal where he talks about his trials, tribulations, and good times. E-Sac brings across passion without hesitation as he wants people to understand his story, past and present.

"What Are We Living For" starts off with an alternating instrumental that takes us on a long journey through the mind of E-Sac. He enters with a light start where his vocals carve through our ears and his emotion bleeds through our hearts as he says things like "Empty spaces what are we living for, abandoned places, I guess we know the score, on and on does anybody know what we are looking for."

As we continue listening to "What Are We Living For" we hear the switch in cadence as E-Sac drops his well-controlled rap verse, he isn't afraid to speak on topics often not brought to light or said out loud, he mentions how watching certain programs would make feels so anxious and how things were going to turn out at the end of it all. E-Sac goes forward to mention how he had his own way of coping, trying to figure out the way of life but not forgetting the lessons learned along the way.

E-Sac continues to discuss the most overlooked problems people face and makes us aware of them. His depiction of a brave hero is truly admirable. He was willing to speak his mind regardless of what the norm was at the time, see for yourself on E-Sac's latest new single, "What Re We Living For," now available on all streaming services.

Welcome to BuzzMusic E-Sac, it's such an honor having you with us today! Why did you choose the concept you did for "What Are We Living For" and how did you correlate the record to how it is today?

There are so many different things going on today that we have turned a blind eye to that I know needed to be addressed. The mission my producer Breez and I had set forth for this record were to create something authentic and genuine.

We can tell that you put a lot of emotion into "What Are We Living For" and that people can relate to it, what did you want to get across to your listeners?

There are so many things that are going on today that are being labeled as “the norm” that we are being told to just take and accept and not speak upon. Shedding light on that was the mission.

As a male artist in a male-dominated industry, what do you feel makes you different? Name 3 things.

My authenticity. My story. My struggle.

Does the record "What Are We Living For" mean there will be many more that are similar to it or would you like to branch off into other genres?

As artists, we need to report on the signs of the time. I will continue that train of thought moving forward. Not looking to branch off to other genres. My music touches on many different mindsets.

What's next for you?

Stay Tuned!!