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EA Wave and Pikes Collaborate to Unleash This Year's Hottest East African Inspired Synth Pop Hit

EA Wave is the collective endeavor of five artists including, Jinku, Hiribae, Nu Fvnk, Ukweli and Sichangi and they're expanding the boundaries of our musical landscape. Each bringing their own individual style to the equation as they support the growth of the Nairobian music scene. With slick harmonies, twangy hooks and deeply primal rhythms, this unification between musical conductors is sure to make ripples across the new scope of the music industry. With the support of Pikes, the Swedish producer and artist, EA Wave, have undeniable made something worth letting your soul simmer over. Using his guitar skills and his producer insight, he helped develop this originally intended Beethoven remix into the synth-pop hit showcasing worldwide today.

Deeply inspired by the desire we all share to be reclined underneath the summer rays, "See the Sun," is patient with its introduction. As the energy builds amongst the percussive elements, and the guitars twinkling gently back in forth in our minds, heavenly harmonic chants appeal to our curiosity. Then, we're suddenly plunged in. The vocals introduce themselves with warm saturated delays and the tasteful use of reverb help magnify the harmonies elegantly. Pikes' guitar supporting our journey, the undeniable drop before the chorus hits and we are suddenly transported to brighter days. Imagine the top down, your fingers swimming through the air and your car cruising through the summer heat. That's what this tune will remind you of. Everything you could ever want in a synth-pop painted itinerary through the Nairobi sun. As demonstrated masterfully in "See the Sun," EA Wave does it; they bring the heat.

Listen to "See the Sun" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic EA Wave! We're completely enamored by your sound. Your unique approach and intrinsic composing style impose such a warming presence throughout your track. Can you tell us more about your inspirations for "See the Sun"?

A large amount of the energy we believe came from Pikes, more so than his voice itself was how he treated his vocals and the guitar licks throughout the song. Personally, one of our members with Ukweli is really into Tame Impala, so we can say that was a driving influence for the remix, which then became this song.

You're all no strangers to collaborating internally amongst your musical landscapes. What was the driving motivation behind outsourcing your material to other talent worlds away, like Pikes?

EA Wave was actually born out of collaboration, all members met on Soundcloud and we started exchanging ideas, our ethos is to always reach out. Also, we really want to show how wonderfully weird the sounds from East Africa can be. What inspired the sudden change of heart with regards to deciding to change directions on the Beethoven remix original intended for this composition.

The first instinct for us was to disregard the original, so we found the MIDI files online and ran it through tons of instruments and effects, then resampling those, use the same process again. until we had something inspired by the original rather than an outright remix. We felt like for it to be a remix we had to at least have recognizable elements so we scrapped it. Is there one thing you could think of that attributes to your success as collaborating artists? Was this something you had to develop or did it come naturally?

I think just being open, and letting the song dictate who we believe is the right pick. We create first and fill in the gaps after when we work as EA Wave, its basically a jam session, and then we arrange the parts after, and at that point, we will have an idea who we believe would fit.

It was a pleasure featuring you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us more about what's next for you guys artistically? Are you planning on collaborating with anyone else in the future?

Thank you for having us, we have another amazing project with singer/songwriter Wanja Wohoro, which is pretty interesting since we have placed her in a more electronic effort.


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