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Ear Ringers Are Rocksteady On Their New Single “Let Me In”

This East LA band is taking us into stylistic indie rock territory with their smooth vocals, jangling guitars and catchy lyrics on their latest single “Let Me In”. The track is expertly assembled, it flows marvelously, and will have you tapping your toe along to the rhythm. The group seamlessly flows from English to Spanish which just ads to the Californiacation feeling of this tune. It’s hard to describe who these guys sound like because this track is truly original and stands out on its own.

This five piece band have a burning passion for music in their hearts and long to be on stage performing in front of listeners, sharing their musical creations. We have no doubt this group will be fulfilling that desire and be very successful at it to boot! “Let Me In” is available for streaming today!

Listen to “Let Me In” here and get to know about Ear Ringers below

Hi all! Thanks for taking the time to speak to us about your new single “Let Me In”, how long have you guys been playing together?

I (Daniel, bassist) met Miguel (Vocalist) when I was about thirteen years old. We immediately hit it off as we liked the same styles of music and we both played instruments. A couple of months had passed but we eventually decided to meet just for a jam session. There was an instant musical connection and from there we formed this band. About a month later Miguel introduced me to Jesus and Daftnet Mendoza ( Guitarist and Keyboardist) and they became apart of this group. The most difficult member to find was a drummer, but luckily David had been going to our school. We had asked him to fill in for some gigs but he eventually decided to join our band as a permanent member. We have now been playing for about three years.


“Let Me In” includes lyrics sung in both English and Spanish, is that something we can look forward to seeing on more of your tracks?

When the song was completely finished and we received the final version, we all agreed the Spanish verse was our favorite part of the song. We had been wanting to add Spanish in our songs for while but when we actually went ahead and did it, the result was beyond our expectations. We hope this throws our listeners off when they hear the song for the first time, and this is something we will definitely be exploring further with future songs. 

What does the creative process look like for a band of 5 people?

In our case, creating songs is always a smooth process. I think this is because we understand each other's viewpoints and if there is an idea that isn't working, then we can trust each other to be honest without any offense taken. Most times it always starts with a small idea, maybe just chords for a verse or sometimes a chorus section.  We just pour all our energy into creating a full song out of that idea and soon after Miguel writes the lyrics. 

How has the LA music screen influenced your art?

Down here in LA most bands we see have some sort of surf rock vibe to their songs and we have taken influence from that sound. Most of our songs have that loose but high energy quality to them. Also due to the fact that LA is filled with Hispanic people and culture, it really influenced us to incorporate Spanish lyrics so we could connect with that audience group. 

What are you pumped for what's coming up for you guys?

In about two weeks we play our first show at the Glasshouse down in Pomona. We're super excited for this show and we have some new songs that we're going to bring out. We're also excited to get back into the studio to record some new material that we have been working on for a couple of weeks now


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