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ECHLO Expresses Unforgettable Moments In "Soul Savant"

Toronto-based singer-songwriter and dark pop, jazz, and folk recording artist ECHLO express stimulating sensations in her latest captivating single, "Soul Savant."

Born Chloe Charles, ECHLO began releasing music in the 2010s through sounds like jazz and folk. It wasn't until recently that she started dabbling in the mystical and sultry world of dark pop. Inspired by acts like Sade and Massive Attack, ECHLO combines electronic influences and live percussion to create her own soulful sound.

She showcases this perfectly in her newest single, "Soul Savant," the latest release from her forthcoming album, I Was I. ECHLO describes the song as the moment "you meet someone who unconsciously understands the need for your soul, whose DNA completes yours" and knows how to align with your journey.

Produced by Neil Whitford at Revolution Recording, "Soul Savant" opens with spacey and soft electric guitar picking alongside gentle percussion to set the moody and dark tone. Before we know it, ECHLO's tender and airy vocals seep through our speakers with enchanting melodies that clutch the soul. She delicately serenades us with her broad vocal range while paying homage to those sensations she felt when aligning with her soulmate.

The song's instrumentals slowly begin to expand with added percussion and vast background pads that float into harmonic bliss. There's so much soul and passion in this song; it washes over our ears like a bountiful waterfall of devotion. There's no denying that ECHLO's vocals are stunning, but her vulnerable lyrics and haunting delivery make the experience otherwordly.

Give your ears the sonic sweetness they deserve with ECHLO's latest single, "Soul Savant," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, ECHLO. Your genuine and passionate performance in the new single "Soul Savant" was a true treat. Why did you want to create a song about the moment you align with your soulmate?

It was an unexpected whirlwind of an experience that set my entire life on a new trajectory. I felt like I’d jumped onto a conveyor belt and was fast-forwarded to where I was meant to be. It felt and still feels pretty deserving of a song. Was it easy to be so open and passionate when writing your honest lyrics in "Soul Savant"? What was your experience writing the song?

I never censor myself when I first write a song. Only after do I edit it down, but for this track, I didn’t feel the need to. The lyrics found their way from my subconscious to my lips. It was a little like stream-of-consciousness writing. How did producer Neil Whitford help bring "Soul Savant" to life? What was it like teaming up with him?

He created the instrumental track which was the perfect bed for me to improvise and allow the words to bubble up. We’ve worked together in many forms in music and he is a very close friend so working with him makes being honest and uninhibited easy.

Will we hear "Soul Savant" on your upcoming album, I Was I? How is this new album different from your previous records?

You definitely will hear it on “I Was I”. This album was more collaborative. I worked with producers Niel Whitford, Lucas Marston, Waqaas Hamishi, and Mike Tompa which allowed me to focus on the vocal melody and lyrics. It’s more beat-driven and in some ways accessible. What's next for you?

I’ve set out to collaborate with visual artists, mostly in motion graphics, for each of my songs. I have an “Art Interpretation Series” where I pair with artists whose work inspires me and I give them free rein to interpret my song visually. My first collaboration is with Artur Gadzhiev for Soul Savant and I am absolutely in love with what he created. Please take a look because it is incredibly sensual and hypnotizing. All his work is gorgeous and gives the mind space to imagine. I am much more excited to work with visual artists than to just promote my song. To me, it’s like my music gets to be the soundtrack to someone else’s work. I am also working on an “Art Collaboration Series” where the visuals are more collaborative and I might happen to make an appearance. Our first video was with Dusty Dean, a wildly colorful, spunky, and prolific animator. Check him out too!

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