Echoglass Returns with Stirring New Release "Little House"

Echoglass is back with its melodic new release "Little House."

Formed in 2016, Echoglass is a band that creates eclectic music inspired by a broad range of musical genres.

Echoglass is a proudly independent collective, whose music has garnered over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone. Their latest release "Little House" is a song bathed in rich storytelling about love and loss. The duo's ability to create stirring compositions in their vocal delivery sees their harmonies bathe each other in silvery notes.

"Little House" is a powerful ballad draped in soulful hymns and beautiful moments of eloquent piano pieces that memorize the listener. The wailing guitars and pounding drums highlight the powerful hooks within the lyrics.

Echoglass's ability to write profound lyrics that encapsulate a song's meaning is on full display in "Little House." Lyrics like "Smell her, feel her arms around your waist. Then the warmth inside you freezes, as you see she is not there. How can she be gone?" and "You remember every moment of that final day. See the wreckage smoking. Feel the piercing pain. How can you live another day now she’s gone?" paint a powerful lyrical display of the stirring heartbreak experienced when love disappears. You will be awestruck by this haunting melody created by Echoglass.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Echoglass. Your latest release "Little House" is an emotional story of losing love. Can you tell our listeners where you found the idea for this song? It’s based on real experience. The devastating, painful, horrendous kind of loss that knocks you sideways. The type where it really doesn't sink in and you keep thinking they are just there...a smell, a book, a song, a meal. If you’ve been through that, then you understand. The lyrics in "Little House" are so profound and descriptive. Can you give us some insight into your songwriting process? It’s pretty eclectic. Sometimes we start with words, sometimes a melody or a beat chord progression, and sometimes just an idea of a feeling. We then build from there and if we are lucky, we end up with something someone might want to listen to. As an independent artist, where have you been able to take your sound you feel you wouldn't have been able to work under a label? Not sure. Labels these days are wide and varied. Guess it enables us to be more creative and explore different ideas? We know we don’t have that obvious commercial sound. But then there are labels like Creation 23 that provide space for that and have the benefit of great promotion and distribution. That’s what we miss...someone who can guide the stuff that doesn’t involve a piano or guitar. We are pretty clueless at anything to do with media and promotion. How do you feel your music has progressed from where you started as a group? You tell us! We just play what seems right to us and hope others like it. Sometimes it’s a complex progression and sometimes it’s a good old fashioned  3 chord trick. Maybe we’ve become more conscious of what seems to work for those who listen to us, but in reality, we are still just playing around and having fun. Maybe that’s what it should be all about.