Eclectic And Authentic Stylings From Artist Undead Papi In “Hold On By A Thread”

Motivated artist Undead Papi showcases his ultimate eclecticism in his latest releases. We’re being shown a raw side of Undead Papi’s creative mantra, and we’re incredibly excited to see his most authentic work. You can expect to draw a range of emotions from Undead Papi’s music—it is intended that listeners feel overwhelmed with passion when listening to the sounds of Undead Papi. These days, we’re all in need of those particular chill and ambient tracks that will take our minds off the daily usuals. Undead Papi and his music can offer that for listeners, which is why we’re stoked to introduce his latest chilling single: “Hold On By A Thread”.

“Hold On By A Thread” begins with a wide range of synths, and we’re soon introduced to the flowing vocalism of Undead Papi. We feel completely relaxed and laid back while listening to this particular track—Undead Papi knows how to curate the right kind of chill atmosphere with the underlying melody! “Hold On By A Thread” takes listeners on a journey with Undead Papi and his experiences. Undead Papi has powerful lyricism embedded within this track, and it seriously doesn't go unnoticed. Undead Papi aims to blend a variety of elements from various genres, and we must say that he successfully does exactly that. His music is a reflection of true artistry—being able to incorporate metal, rock, hip/hop and rap elements all within one track are incredibly impressive. We’re definitely keeping tabs on the latest music of Undead Papi, and we highly recommend you give “Hold On By A Thread” a listen here!

Hey there Undead Papi! Thanks for showcasing your music here on BuzzMusic! Can you share with our readers the challenges behind incorporating a variety of genre soundings in your music

The biggest challenge about genre fusing and experimental music is the appeal. A majority of people are not open to listening to something different unless it has mainstream coverage. A lot of people today are stuck with the same sound and don’t want to branch out and expand their tastes. I have grown to not care much about how its viewed because I’ve learned trends change and one day my style of music may be the “next big thing”. I’d rather keep my creativity rather than bend for others.

“Hold on by a Thread” was tranquil and embodied with passion and vigor. Where did the inspiration for this track come from? Were your emotions driven by personal experience?

Most of my music is more hyped and aggressive, showing the anger and rage I carry with me. I also do find myself vulnerable and weak at times too, so “Hold on By a Thread” was necessary. I had heard the beat and immediately bought it. At that moment I knew how I was feeling could contribute to the song without sounding cliché or generic, which is often conflict when making songs that carry a specific emotion. I have always been a fan of underground artists so this style was nothing new to me, I just had to make it my own and be different on the track.

How do you imagine your listeners feel when listening to “Hold on by a Thread”? What’s the intended goal for your listening base?

I would hope that they feel like their not alone. The heavy contrast between my other tracks and “Hold on By a Thread” is intended to show that even the strongest have low points in life. Matter of fact, It was the low points that had made me strong. It was the pain that a lot of people are feeling now that built a strong being. This is for those who feel stuck, you continue through the worst, and come out the best. Giving up or giving in is the only way to lose. Be the fighter, go against the grain.

Can you explain how you feel you and your music stands out from others? What is the most integral element of your music, especially?

My image is very different than pretty much any artist out right now. I’m not a man of ego, and it’s hard to find an artist that can say that. I have no care in the world what one thinks about me, because it’s plain and obvious not everybody will love me- especially considering who I am. I’m extremely different for todays music, my aesthetic has a very heavy influence from Extreme Metal, which is often frightening and deemed “crazy” by most. I have an overall “no filter” or “not give a ___” vibe about me, and thats hard to find today, everybody is so worried about what people think, and who they will offend, etc. while I just don’t care at all. The most significant part of my music is the truth. It is me. 100% me. No filter, nothing. Whether it be the raging Metal tracks, or the smooth melodic rap songs like ‘Hold on By a Thread’ it’s all me and what I’m feeling. Raw emotions put to music.

Thanks again Undead Papi for featuring “Hold on by a Thread” here on BuzzMusic! Are you planning on performing to gain traction for the track?

I am definitely looking to book some shows. I just have to see what looks good right now, and where to go. I definitely would enjoy getting out of Milwaukee for a while.