Eclectic And Authentic Stylings From Artist Undead Papi In “Hold On By A Thread”

Motivated artist Undead Papi showcases his ultimate eclecticism in his latest releases. We’re being shown a raw side of Undead Papi’s creative mantra, and we’re incredibly excited to see his most authentic work. You can expect to draw a range of emotions from Undead Papi’s music—it is intended that listeners feel overwhelmed with passion when listening to the sounds of Undead Papi. These days, we’re all in need of those particular chill and ambient tracks that will take our minds off the daily usuals. Undead Papi and his music can offer that for listeners, which is why we’re stoked to introduce his latest chilling single: “Hold On By A Thread”.

“Hold On By A Thread” begins with a wide range of synths, and we’re soon introduced to the flowing vocalism of Undead Papi. We feel completely relaxed and laid back while listening to this particular track—Undead Papi knows how to curate the right kind of chill atmosphere with the underlying melody! “Hold On By A Thread” takes listeners on a journey with Undead Papi and his experiences. Undead Papi has powerful lyricism embedded within this track, and it seriously doesn't go unnoticed. Undead Papi aims to blend a variety of elements from various genres, and we must say that he successfully does exactly that. His music is a reflection of true artistry—being able to incorporate metal, rock, hip/hop and rap elements all within one track are incredibly impressive. We’re definitely keeping tabs on the latest music of Undead Papi, and we highly recommend you give “Hold On By A Thread” a listen here!

Hey there Undead Papi! Thanks for showcasing your music here on BuzzMusic! Can you share with our readers the challenges behind incorporating a variety of genre soundings in your music

The biggest challenge about genre fusing and experimental music is the appeal. A majority of people are not open to listening to something different unless it has mainstream coverage. A lot of people today are stuck with the same sound and don’t want to branch out and expand their tastes. I have grown to not care much about how its viewed because I’ve learned trends change and one day my style of music may be the “next big thing”. I’d rather keep my creativity rather than