Eclectic & Future-Forward R&B Duo VBRTR Release "Fantasy"

R&B duo VBRTR, composed of Jono Cruz and Lee Chan, is innovative to say the very least. Being nominated twice for Sask Music Awards in 2018 for Electronic Artist of the Year and Producer of the Year, you'll give a listen to VBRTR and automatically think that their production is completely fascinating. Their music is elevating all the familiar R&B aspects we're used to, and yet transforming such elevation into a new, unfamiliar sound. The rhythm is filled with relaxing, yet robust energy, and we're entranced by the collaborative effect VBRTR possesses.


You're going to receive numerous dynamic elements to the sounding of VBRTR in their latest track "Fantasy". There's a wide range of synths incorporated into the track in order to mimic a psychedelic effect and elevate the overall executed sound of VBRTR. "Fantasy" is lustful, and filled with an alluring lyricism that will easily captivate any listener. "Fantasy" is filled with underlying eccentric energy that emulates with the synchronizing beat. VBRTR knows how to stimulate their audience, and create an atmosphere that is beyond contemporary. "Fantasy" is modern, it's intriguing in all senses, and is programmed with meticulous effort. The vocal effort on VBRTR's end is striking and ultimately authentic. We're waiting to see what VBRTR can come out with next, and how exactly they'll shape our moods with their next hit!

Listen to "Fantasy" here


Hey VBRTR! Thanks for coming on BuzzMusic to showcase your latest track "Fantasy"! How has the feedback been on the track thus far?

Hello BuzzMusic. Fantasy has been received well! We've been getting a lot of comments, especially a lot of surprised reactions. This song is much darker than we think people were expecting and are used to.

The sounding of "Fantasy" is incredibly future-forward within the R&B music scene. We haven't heard a ton of tracks similar to the soundings of VBRTR, especially in "Fantasy". Where do you draw such innovative inspiration from in order to create newfound soundings?

Great question! We constantly think about how to push R&B into new territories and we like to include our electronic influences, even if they're obscure. For Fantasy, we combined R&B with UK Garage, an electronic style our younger listeners are probably less familiar with. What's interesting is that R&B-Garage crossovers are actually quite common. Ariana Grande released a single, although, her song seems to hide its electronic influence by playing slower and using softer drums. In our version, we decided to test how far we could lean into the electronic while still preserving the R&B feel.

Can you describe how your performances have been? Is it surging electrical feel while on stage, especially when you were both DJ'ing?

Each performance feels so different since every crowd is so different! As DJs, this is something we're used to - we've each had to learn to read entire rooms of people on different nights. So in that sense, yes! It's an electric feeling! We're constantly on our toes, and because of that, we're able to improvise our sets and interact with the specific crowd.

Being on your separate paths for so long as musicians, how did you feel coming together to create VBRTR, after being solo for so many years prior?

These days many artists need to be their own managers, so creating VBRTR was a big relief! There's so much work to do between the two of us, and I can't imagine what it must be like for solo musicians who might have less support around them. As a duo, we've been able to accomplish so much more and create the music we love at the same time.

How do you think VBRTR can elevate itself and its sound next?


We're challenging VBRTR by putting together our first, full-length album. This will be the true test of our abilities. Our goal is to make every track a hit, no filler!