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Eclectic Genre-Blending Artist Ekidna Transformed over 2019!

Rock/Metal/Electronic artist Ekidna really has us in for a dark treat with his 2019 releases. It's quite a trip to look over the past year Ekidna had. When we think about his creative ability artistic wise, Ekidna definitely knew how to combine heavy and mysterious synths with his mellow vocalism. The effect that the combination has was incredibly intriguing and enigmatic. One of the tracks Ekidna released was titled "Wolf", and it recently premiered as a music video. When we really pick apart the track and look at all components, we realize that there was strategic manipulation on Ekidna's end, in order to fulfill the requirements of a successful Rock/Metal production. His music thrives on being dark, yet fun.

Ekidna's integration of electronic elements is really what sets the track into the category of eclectic. Artistically, Ekidna is transforming the category he refuses to be refined to. It's imaginative, and it's incredibly ingenious. "Venom" is another track of Ekidna's, released this year. We really want to put a spotlight on this track in particular because it's very potent of Ekidna's creative taste. He further transcends this vision into "1231", which features a blending of many different genre characteristics.

Ekidna's ability to transform music with that keen integration of varying elements is what we find present almost in every track he releases. It's comforting to know that we can get a consistent sound from Ekidna, one that manages to be unique every time. We're anticipating more otherworldly tracks from Ekidna in 2020, but as of now, we'll keep ourselves savvy with his tracklist of 2019!

Check out Ekidna's eccentric sound here.


Hey there Ekidna! We're psyched to look over your 2019 from a music standpoint. This year, we've truly seen your music transform in the best ways possible. How do you personally feel you've changed both artistically and personally since the start of 2019? 

Hey! thanks for having me back. Yeah, this year it's been a good one artistically speaking, I released a bunch of singles that reached many more people than I expected. Now my first album Pilot is out and it sums up my first years in producing music, I called it Pilot because it is just the beginning but in it, you can find all the different elements that I am ready to develop in my next work.

The release of "Wolf" music video quite literally just happened! How exciting was it to get that production out by the end of 2019?! Did the overall process of creating and recording go well for the video?

Yes! everything was good, we shot the video in Berlin with no actual script or anything. I decided to go there because I love the city and I knew that Tempelhof Park would have been perfect for that song. Wolf means a lot to me, it's very intimate and one of the first songs I wrote when I began this project, so yes, I was very excited putting it out and I'm very glad of the response I'm getting about it.

As a genre-blending artist, how do you find which elements to combine together to make the exclusive sounding that is Ekidna? 

Uh, this is a tricky question, I never thought about it as it's all very natural. My approach to production is very intuitive and unsophisticated, I think it's all very influenced by my musical background and not being obliged to stick to a particular formula. I'm very curious, I like to mess around with sounds and try to give shape to what I have in mind, it's 2020 and it definitely clear that genres and boundaries have no reason to exist anymore. 

Would you say that your music has been reflective of who you are in your personal life/reflective of your personal experiences? Or, do you keep your music and private life separate?

My songs are definitely connected to my personal life, lyrically speaking, I find it inevitable. It's not like a talk always about me or something like that but in almost every song you can find elements that I lived or maybe that people around me did, I think it's a good thing to expose yourself in a song, it's like therapy. 

How do you feel you've strengthened the connection between yourself and your listeners this year?

Well, considering that my first single Apnea dropped something like one year ago I can say I'm super happy with the connection I've been creating recently. A lot of people from all over the world wrote me and gave me feedback on my music and my videos and it's just great, I like to talk with them and know how they react, these things weren't possible when I started making music a few years ago. I come from a small town in Italy and my tracks have been played in 80 Countries, I'm so grateful and I'd love to interact more with all the beautiful people out there. I'm sure that 2020 will bring some great news.

Thanks, Ekidna for going over your music life over the past year with us! We're hoping there is more to come in the new year! For now, what are you focusing on artistically?  

Thank you, guys! Of course, there will be more, Pilot has closed a chapter. I'm writing and producing the new one and next year I'll make you dance, I promise. See you in a few months!



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