Eden Neville Sings of Modern Relationship Struggles With Her Recent Release, "Video Games"

From New York to Los Angeles, the Singer/Songwriter and Producer Eden Neville releases her sonically stimulating Pop debut titled, "Video Games."

Writing for other artists has always been a passion of Eden Neville's, as she's had recent credits with Not Famous, Heather Sommer, and Highlnd. Not to mention winning the 2019 ASCAP Harold Adamson Songwriting Competition, it wasn't until this year that Neville decided to undergo a solo creative venture. 

With her debut single, "Video Games," we're able to get to know the playful stylings of Eden Neville while basking in the sonic warmth of the song's upbeat and lively Pop production. While also coming through with an empowering message of knowing one's worth, Neville takes us and the industry by surprise through the song's electronic texture and her highly conceptual lyrics. 

"Video Games" opens with electronic synths and keys growing to a crescendo, meeting the initial beat drop alongside Eden Neville's bright and melodic vocals. While she begins singing of relationships and their modern-day turmoil, we're very appreciative of Neville's lyrical concept surrounding the need for her partner's attention while he's drawn to his "Video Games."

What we love about the song's sonics is the video game tone that the synths deliver, offering this 8-bit aspect through each meticulously arranged electronic melody. While Eden Neville continues to push her desirous and playful lyricism, the song ends with a warm and slightly reflective atmosphere. 

We can't get enough of the intoxicating Pop production within Eden Neville's debut single "Video Games," and we admire the unique lyrical theme she delivers regarding everyday struggles within modern relationships. 

We're captivated by the entirety of your intoxicating debut single, "Video Games." Why did you want to release this specific track as your debut and introduction to your solo career?

I knew I wanted to kick off my artist project with a song that was really fun and bubbly. Another main reason I wanted to start my artist project with this song was the music video that went with it. Music videos have always been something I’ve loved to create in my head and this idea was one of the first that made me think “ok, this one really needs to happen.” It’s important to me that people feel like they really know me, and I thought this video would be a great way to showcase my sense of humor.

Speaking on the highly conceptual message behind "Video Games," what pushed you to write about modern-day relationship struggles and the fight to pull your partner away from their video games?

The song idea actually came to me when I saw those TikToks of girlfriends dancing in front of their boyfriends while they're distracted by video games or the ones with girls dropping their bath towels to see their reaction. After seeing so many of those, it made to think there’s got to be a fun song to capture that feeling. To be honest, I play a lot of video games myself because I’m a Twitch streamer! It is a bit ironic that I released this song.

Within your track "Video Games," we love the heavy electronic and somewhat 8-bit sonics. How did you arrange and produce the track to be so stimulating through your sonic delivery?

That’s all thanks to my boyfriend Alex who produced the song. We knew that we obviously needed some sort of video game type sounds without going too over the top with them, and I think he nailed it!

We've heard that you're releasing a music video for "Video Games" before Halloween. Should we anticipate the video to capture elements of gaming culture, similar to the song's 8-bit-inspired production?

In the video, you’ll see the boyfriend playing video games the entire time, while behind him, three very crazy scenarios are happening. Some of them are definitely spooky which is why it’s perfect for Halloween.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

All of this free time! I’ve made a million excuses not to release music or not to do projects like this, and when the quarantine happened, I realized I couldn’t tell myself I didn’t have the time anymore. Another thing inspiring me is my streaming. When I started streaming on Twitch, I wasn’t worried about it being perfect and I just went for it. It made me realize I need to have that same energy with my music.