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Edison Channels All of Our Inner Quarantine Feelings on Latest track “I Wanna Be Free”

Let’s face it, 2020 has been for most, a nightmare of a “Groundhog Day” situation since lockdown started roughly six weeks ago. Edison’s new single: “I Wanna Be Free” provides a much-needed shake-up during these uncertain times- a shake-up that will have you nodding your head along in agreement to the beat. Most have had reinvented themselves when that steady “9-5” job fell through the cracks, as Edison highlights, still trying to keep up with the hustle and alive that “free feeling” lifestyle we have all become accustomed to. “I Wanna Be Free” showcases Edison’s ability to discharge rhymes with authority, which has come from much time and dedication to the rap genre. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Edison got into battle rap early, crushing battles and earning coveted titles, including Battle Rapper of the Year in Colorado’s 5820 Awards. “I Wanna Be Free” showcases Edison’s ability to create gritty, ticking beats with accompanying lyrics that stand for a movement and a represent a drive to propel oneself forward. “I Wanna Be Free” release coincides perfectly with the current state of the nation and a pandemic that affects millions worldwide. Now more than ever, music has the power to unite us, and Edison packs a message all of us can relate to. “I Wanna Be Free” inspires us to dream again of the time we can hop on that airplane and explore the unknown, hit the beach with our inner circle, make meaningful contributions to the communities we live in, and pursue our dreams without restrictions and barriers.

Discover the prowess of Edison’s new single “I Wanna Be Free” here.

Hey Edison and welcome to BuzzMusic! “I Wanna Be Free” certainly caught our attention and kept us captivated throughout, what was your goal with this single? How do you hope it is received by listeners?

Well if you think about it, no one is completely free, we have freedom of speech, and thought, and sometimes free will, but no one is completely free I feel. We have something or someone that ties us to what we all do. My goal on this record, especially during this pandemic/quarantine time, was to capture the masses feeling and verbally express that.  Being stuck in our house, not really able to do what we want, kind of brought that emotion, hopefully, it engages the listener and connect with them in away. 

What made you want to get into the rap genre? How did you get involved with battle rap?

Ha Ha anyone who knows me knows this is all JAY-Z the way he raps, makes me feel he is telling his true life in creative ways,  that did it for me. It made me want to express myself through music. 

What is the biggest enhancement your music has experienced moving from Colorado to Hollywood, California?

Well, the experience and going to school for music production now has been an amazing jump in improvement for me. From the content, to how I arrange my songs now that has been the best thing I’ve done for my career.

Where do you draw your inspiration for creating the lyrics featured on your tracks? Are there any topics you are passionate about displaying in your music?

For me, the music/beat gives me the inspiration. Music is all emotion so The music gives me the direction on the topic  From there I go off experiences, and or my imagination, mostly life situations and true feelings. 

What will you be working on next, Edison?

Well, I’m currently working on my next Project dropping In August titled “Turn Moments into Memories” and of course, singles, and collabs.


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