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Edison Executes a Wistful Delivery on Latest Single, “Lay You Down”

Multi-talented, Singer, and Songwriter, Edison, releases his nostalgic and heartfelt new single, “Lay You Down.”

This Los Angeles based creative takes his inspiration from classic R&B veterans and seasons them with an old school Hip-hop flavor that is unique to the essence and flair he exudes.

Edison was named one of the Top 50 artists living in the Los Angeles area due to his hit song “Real One,” which featured rapper Ziggy and was produced by mastermind, Chris Keys.

This is an artist that not only wants to create an impact on entertainment but makes it about more than the music. With his recently released single, “Lay You Down,” this has been Edison’s most successful single to date with the way he captivates us with a profound message.

“Lay You Down,” begins with the playing of indulgent keys and small but sullen horns shining. The pan flute is a striking touch adding for a unique choice of instrumentation on a track where the soul in Edison’s vocals remains a centerpiece. Edison’s vocals bring out the nostalgia in us conveying us to the set of an early 2000’s R&B music video shoot where the protagonist is laying it all out in the rain puddles outside his love interest’s home.

The soothing elements in this entrancing love ballad draw you into every word Edison performs. The instrumentation gently sits with the lyrics Edison is vocalizing and carries it in such a delicate yet powerful manner. There is a slice of heaven in the way Edison presents this record to us and we can instantly see why it has been his most successful record to date.

We’re big fans of the early 2000s and Edison immerses us in these elements with, “Lay You Down.” We’ll be patiently awaiting the next release from this R&B artist.

As big fans of this track, why do you think this has been your most successful song to date?

I‘m not sure why it became successful. I’m happy that the song is one that people can enjoy and relax and just be able to vibe with. I wanted to add a little mix of new and old school R&B and I hope my fans and new fans are able to see and hear that as well, but overall I’m thankful for the success that the song has created.

Was there a certain moment that inspired the lyrics behind, “Lay You Down?"

Not really. I’ve always been the type of guy to love and appreciate romantic evenings with dinner, a movie, conversations, drinks, and anything that you can think of that makes a great night worth it. So I guess you can say if there is an inspiration, it comes from the fantasy and belief from how I view a romantic night of my own if I’m with the woman of my dreams. 

What can listeners expect from the “Lay You Down,” music video? Did you create this creative concept?

They can expect imagination. There won’t be anything crazy done with it, the video will be focused on the storytelling of the song and nothing more. I love what we did with the video and shoutout to Warren Carter who was the producer and director of the video.

Also, I would like to make a shoutout to Nikki who is the actress that played the love interest in the video and she is a beautiful person inside and out. Definitely a great person I look forward to working with again in the future. I want to thank Warren for buying into the song and the story that it’s telling. He is the mastermind behind the video. He brought me an outline of what he wanted to do, where and when he wanted to film it, and who he wanted to put onto the video. It’s definitely one of my proudest moments as an artist and I’m glad that I was able to make the song come to life on the screen. 

Could you take us into the studio session of creating this love ballad?

After “Real One” was finished being recorded I talked to my producer Chris Keys and I told him how I wanted to show my growth as an artist and not hold myself back so much. I gave him the idea and he got right to work with the track. We recorded it that same day. Believe it or not “Lay You Down” might be the most difficult song I have ever recorded so far because there were times where I struggled hitting certain notes or I was not using the right tone so we had to do so many takes to get it right. We ended up getting it right eventually, but it took a lot of practice, preparing, and rescheduling to make sure we got it right. 

What message would you like your listeners to take away from “Lay You Down?"

I would like them to know that it’s okay to have a simple romantic night. You don’t have to be too creative or do anything fancy to impress that one person you want to go out with. Just have fun and enjoy yourselves and show that person a great time. Get to know each other and let the night naturally take its course and I promise you nothing but good things will happen and if not, something great will. 



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