Edison Tears a Page From His Diary in "Damage"

From Modesto to Los Angeles, California, r&b recording artist and singer-songwriter Edison wears his heart on his sleeve in a new emotional single, "Damage."

The renowned recording artist made a name for himself by performing at countless music festivals and concerts with names like Iamsu!, Sage the Gemini, and T-Pain. After moving to Los Angeles, Edison saw his career take off in a way he could never imagine. Now, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter is sharpening his skillset to continue broadening his artistic horizons.

Edison recently dropped his smooth and honest single, "Damage," which showcases an incredibly vulnerable side of him that helps us get to know him on a more personal level. The song's atmospheric, sensual, and gentle sonics perfectly amplify Edison's emotional performance while allowing us to relate to his blunt and sharp lyricism surrounding a turbulent relationship.

Expanding on "Damage," the song opens with a few heavy kicks and soft, plucky synths alongside shimmering synths that float in the background. As Edison's muffled vocals begin to serenade us softly, he grooves towards the first verse while setting many emotional and tumultuous scenes of one-sided love.

Edison has such a way with words; he travels back and forth from portraying his deepened emotions for someone to reminding himself that this pain wouldn't exist if it weren't for his partner's carelessness. We adore this blunt, honest, and emotional piece; Edison and his accompanying gentle sonics are just the things we needed to start the new year off with a bang.

Know your worth with help from Edison's new cathartic single, "Damage," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Edison. We're thoroughly impressed with the honesty and emotion of your latest single, "Damage." What experiences inspired you to create this blunt and smooth single?

The song was created by an experience I had with a girl I was with for a couple months and it just did not work out. It put me in a place where I was confused on why it did not work. I thought long and hard and wondered what it is I could have done to make things better, but then I realized that I did nothing wrong and that she was the one trying to play me.

Did you produce the dense and gentle sonics for "Damage"? Or did you work alongside any producers/engineers during this process?

My manager produced the track for me. I told him I needed a song that tells another significant story of mine. He agreed to it and the rest is history. We needed to go in a direction that was a little different, we wanted soul to be mixed in with some Trap Soul and I think we were able to create a successful track.

Do you usually release such genuine and honest songs like "Damage"? Is it easy for you to wear your heart on your sleeve and be so open during your songwriting process?

The last couple of songs I have released have been honest songs, but I do want to keep releasing more songs just like it. I know I will have more experiences and there will be a girl out there that will inspire me somehow to create another great song. Good or bad. I don’t view it as wearing a heart on my sleeve, I view it as being honest and real. Being open is what I think makes the song so alive. I wanted to throw out all of my pain in the song so that the emotion can relate to others’ situations that they have gone through.

How do you want your listeners to react to the single "Damage"? What do you hope your audience feels and takes away?

I want my listeners to love “Damage” and keep it on their playlist so that if there is someone that upsets them they know what to listen to. I hope they feel like someone is helping them emotionally and understand that it is okay to feel let down and be disappointed by someone you really like. You can write your own music to your stories, poems, journals, or whatever helps them get past a heartbreak.

What's next for you?

I have more songs on the way. I am excited about what is coming out in the next month or so. There are more songs about love to come and music to make you feel good. I also got movie projects in the works and I cannot wait to share them with you and my fans.