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Edith Protects Her Peace And Wishes You The Best On “God Complex”

If you play games, don’t be surprised if you end up alone.

For indie-pop singer-songwriter Edith, music has always been somewhat of a cathartic release. Her releases are often emotional and visceral, coming straight from the heart as she explores her own life and the intricacies of the human condition.

Unafraid to capture the most glamorous and unglamorous parts of her journey in her creations, her frank approach to lyricism has endeared her to listeners everywhere. Excitingly, this young up-and-coming musician has just begun to scratch the surface of her potential, and we can’t wait to see how far she will go.

Edith has made sure she’s going out with a bang as the year draws to a close. Her latest album, “In This House We Celebrate Heartbreak,” is a gripping 18-track project that does more than captivate you aurally; it gives you a glimpse into Edith’s very soul.

Edith notes that this was only possible due to her therapeutic relationship with music, saying that instead of writing in her diary, she “Would pour her heart into songs on my piano.” The result speaks for itself; in “In This House We Celebrate Heartbreak,” she’s created an expansive musical journey that touches on her experiences in a charming and thought-provoking manner.

“God Complex” is both a standout track in a stacked album and an emotional yet rousing anthem that shows the beauty of Edith’s musical approach. Described by Edith as a “cathartic anthem,” the track’s seemingly upbeat keyboard melodies belie slightly sad yet resilient lyrics.

As Edith sings lyrics like “I wish you the best / You’re like the rest” and “Now you cried / On my lap cause you wish that you / Never messed with her like that,” she beautifully walks the line between emotional release and resolve. “God Complex” is an altogether charming offering that will have you tearing up if you’re not careful.

Edith’s release “God Complex” is a captivating song that pulls at the heartstrings when you least expect it. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “God Complex”, available now on all majour streaming platforms.



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