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Edja Wakes Up to Reality in, "The Morning After"

Approaching the world of music at a very young age, edja began studying music and singing when she attended primary school in Milan, Italy, where she is originally from.

Performing and writing within the genre of Rock, edja has always been intrigued by the heavy-hitting classics of Rock such as Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Rolling Stones, The Who, and a more modern touch of the Dave Matthews Band.

Delivering a message of sincerity, her sound fuses together Rock, Blues, Prog, Funk, and Soul with honest and relatable lyrics and a naturally round, free, and powerful voice.

Bringing forth a vision of poignant intensity with London-based Italian collaborator Luca Chessa, edja’s most recent single “the morning after,” has us immersed in the robust energy of an edge-filled universe steered by the prominence and nostalgia her vocal delivery brings. Luca Chessa’s fiery guitar performance has listeners simmering in an atmosphere that roars with ferocity. The manner in which edja’s striking timbres cascade with the top-tier production quality is uncanny.

The soul-infused echoes of her lyrical motifs have us lingering on the sonic trail that the world of these two creatives effortlessly fashions. The exhilarating liveliness that emerges from the reminiscent hues that this composition instills has us appreciating the amplified essence that dwells in the cavernous alleyways of “the morning after.” Raw with emotion, we’re hanging on to the edge of our seat as we dissect the lyrical descants on a more introspective dimension. Crooning within an ominous force field, edja’s lyrics reflect on a reality of all that glitters not being gold.

Navigating our way through the depth of “the morning after,” we are quick to realize that edja’s integrity is enhanced with the prevailing tenors utilized. Allowing us to tap into an exposed sector of her authenticity, her spirit flourishes in a way that surges with illumination.

Hello edja, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “the morning after.” The beauty that lies in the haunting tones of this song are remarkable. Could you please take us into your experience working with Luca Chessa on this single? How did you originally join forces with Luca Chessa?

Thank you so much. I am glad you like it. So, Luca and I have met during the lockdown, in August 2019. We both had reached a crucial point as we had gone through a few disappointments in terms of finding band members, so I started posting on Social media as a final resource and Luca started answering any post he could find. And that’s how we found each other. As per my experience working with him, I could define it as ‘perfectly in rhythm’. We have mostly worked remotely, but it didn’t stop us from creating a real bond based on music, which is the thing we both love the most. We are always in touch and discuss every single detail leaving no stone unturned. As soon as we could, we met in person and we spent 3 days recording and producing, even using some ‘alternative’ techniques to make them sound unique and our own. We literally merge, we balance each other out in terms of personality and sound. I focus on the message and Luca is able to mirror that with the instrumental side.

In your own words, what does this song mean to you? Where did you seek inspiration for the creation?

This song represents freedom, it is a way of expressing things that with words I couldn’t express at the moment I was going through that experience of waking up and realizing that all that was said and done, was just a means to an end. In terms of lyrics and message, I always take inspiration from my everyday life, in this case, a feeling of emptiness and at the same time resolution. The music reflects it completely. The inspiration in terms of sound came from bands such as Dream Theatre, especially for the riffs, and we mixed modern elements with classic ones, rock, and prog with orchestral sounds. The production mirrors these influences aiming at highlighting every single detail while delivering the message to the fullest.

Do you find it easy to tap into your vulnerability when creating music? What inspires you to be your most creative self?

Music is my way to bring something into the world, it is my way of processing the things I go through in life. Hence it is the way I tap into my vulnerabilities and I try to create value with them so that people could listen to the song and relate feeling empowered and connecting to who they are. Music is who I am, it is my core, so it has strength and vulnerabilities, and I wouldn’t dare to hide them, and it is the same with Luca. Living inspires me to be creative, living to the fullest without any filters or masks. My way of showing this is through lyrics and my voice, whether Luca does it through his guitar where he puts all of him. As said we always balance each other, he is shy in terms of lyrics and doesn’t always express himself with words, however, he gives his 100 when he is playing. As I am inspired by simply living and looking at myself and the world around me, Luca is inspired to be the most creative by always willing to challenge himself, learn new things, make new experiences and grow personally and musically through connecting with various musicians with different backgrounds.

What do you think “the morning after,” says about you as an artist? How does it compare to other songs in your music catalog?

This is a difficult one… ‘the morning after' is a story of something I went through, so I would say it truly represents the fact that I am human. So yes, the morning after says that I am human, hence it is about the fact that feeling all that we need to feel and express it is not only ok, but it is powerful. The song and message are relatable and it shows that being human, hence imperfect, is the most beautiful thing we as people could be, because it allows us to understand the world around us and as a consequence allows us to create. This song also defines our desire to emerge, and Luca has managed to highlight it through the heaviness of the sound, through the production, where he highlighted the most determining characteristics of the mix bringing them to the front as to give the same sense of resolution I gave with the voice, lyrics, and message. The morning after is different from the previous 2 singles as with this one we have pushed the boundaries as we wanted to go to the next level in terms of quality, sound, songwriting, production, and techniques. This song represents a new chapter as the previous 2 were expressions of an old self that had slowly managed to grow in the present person, so they have a sense of wanting to find who we are and fighting to get there, whether the morning after was written with a sense of knowing who we truly are and looking towards the future based on the awareness of what we want. So before it was a story from the past to the present, and this one is a song in the present looking at the future. (Luca always says I am utterly complicated).



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