Edja Wakes Up to Reality in, "The Morning After"

Approaching the world of music at a very young age, edja began studying music and singing when she attended primary school in Milan, Italy, where she is originally from.

Performing and writing within the genre of Rock, edja has always been intrigued by the heavy-hitting classics of Rock such as Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Rolling Stones, The Who, and a more modern touch of the Dave Matthews Band.

Delivering a message of sincerity, her sound fuses together Rock, Blues, Prog, Funk, and Soul with honest and relatable lyrics and a naturally round, free, and powerful voice.

Bringing forth a vision of poignant intensity with London-based Italian collaborator Luca Chessa, edja’s most recent single “the morning after,” has us immersed in the robust energy of an edge-filled universe steered by the prominence and nostalgia her vocal delivery brings. Luca Chessa’s fiery guitar performance has listeners simmering in an atmosphere that roars with ferocity. The manner in which edja’s striking timbres cascade with the top-tier production quality is uncanny.

The soul-infused echoes of her lyrical motifs have us lingering on the sonic trail that the world of these two creatives effortlessly fashions. The exhilarating liveliness that emerges from the reminiscent hues that this composition instills has us appreciating the amplified essence that dwells in the cavernous alleyways of “the morning after.” Raw with emotion, we’re hanging on to the edge of our seat as we dissect the lyrical descants on a more introspective dimension. Crooning within an ominous force field, edja’s lyrics reflect on a reality of all that glitters not being gold.

Navigating our way through the depth of “the morning after,” we are quick to realize that edja’s integrity is enhanced with the prevailing tenors utilized. Allowing us to tap into an exposed sector of her authenticity, her spirit flourishes in a way that surges with illumination.