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Edwin Rosen Haunts Our Speakers With an Emotional Single, "mitleerenhänden"

The elusive and mysterious German singer-songwriter, electronic producer, and recording artist Edwin Rosen is on track to release his latest EP, 'mitleerenhänden,' while giving us a taste of the project with its lead single, the title track.

Rosen creates music purely out of personal catharsis and enjoyment. He's inspired by names like Joy Divison, Boy Harsher, and Molchat Doma, which have transformed his sound into what he calls "Neueneue Deutsche Welle," which loosely translates to "New-new German Wave." This sound offers a reimagining of new wave/post-punk music that was birthed in Germany in the 80s.

Soon to be releasing his latest EP, 'mitleerenhänden,' which translates to 'empty-handed,' the project is about coming to terms with things not going your way or how you expected them to go. Regarding the lead single and title track, "mitleerenhänden," Edwin Rosen expands on feeling not good enough, resulting in loneliness and having nothing left to give.

Diving into the single, "mitleerenhänden," the song opens with a distant and haunting synth alongside sparkling keyboard melodies that rain down from above. Then, as the airy drums begin to tap through our speakers, Edwin Rosen jumps into the track and offers a deeply emotional vocal delivery while singing of feeling lost and out of place.

Although we're not familiar with the German language, we can easily pick up on the emotion and tenderness that this single holds with help from Rosen's emotional delivery and the song's chilling electronic tones. As he makes his way to the song's end, Rosen leaves us excited to travel down the heartfelt path of his forthcoming EP.

Lose yourself in the haunting sounds of Edwin Rosen's latest single, "mitleerenhänden," and prepare yourself for his forthcoming EP, soon to be released on all digital streaming platforms.


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