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Edwrds Shares His Perspective in, "Look"

Edwrds is a US recording artist that began releasing music in 2016 with no idea of what his future would bring. Since his first release, he has continued to create at a feverish pace with multiple releases.

The focus behind his music is to have a voice for those who feel that they are not heard and to know they are not alone.

Continuing to spread his energy by constantly releasing new music and performing shows nationwide, Edwrds knows that anything is possible when you trust your heart.

Through dark synths and a moody atmosphere that instill a sense of anticipation, “Look,” is the most recent single to come from Edwrds.

Approaching the instrumentation in a way that allows his passionate timbres to bounce between genres, we pick up on a sense of Contemporary R&B accompanying the new wave of Hip-hop that focuses on infectious melodies and the ease of the delivery.

Backing up each of his words with a fortified foundation, lyrical motifs such as, ‘It’s an emergency, don’t get to urging me, cause I just treat the beat like it’s a surgery,’ jump from this piece of work and bring life to a composition rich in attitude. Edwrds intricately crafts lyrics in a way that adds a poetic hue to the abstract words of expression. Allowing the listeners to tune into themes of elevation through trials and tribulations in the music industry, the brilliance of his subject matter gets positively shifted into how he perseveres through it all.

Eagerly grasping the concept of Edwrds’ energy and artistry, the way he shifts our perspective through chilling lyrics of realism has us turned into diehard fans of his craft. Be prepared to have “Look,” on loop as you tap into what Edwrds is all about.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Edwrds, and congratulations on the release of “Look.” What inspired the concept behind the lyrics heard in this track?

Thank you! What inspired the concept behind “LOOK” was the feeling of not being heard or seen. That feeling motivated me to not hold back and say whatever felt true. I really planned the lyrics and tone of my voice to match the insanely high energy of the music.

Could you please shine a light on the creative process that you embarked on when fashioning this track? Did it follow the process that you usually embrace when creating?

It was definitely not my typical blueprint. I treated “LOOK” in its early stages almost as if I was preparing for a competition. Each lyric had to roll off the previous one with ease and confidence. I still remember listening back to the final beat before tracking my vocals and being so hyped. I’ve spent years working on how to produce exactly what I hear in my head and “LOOK” was that breakthrough moment.

What musical and non-musical influences do you take into your sound?

Great question! I really just try to not overthink everything. I’m simply a vessel of my thoughts and emotions that’s letting the music take me away on a journey. Music is my way of saying something that means something. If I’m not authentically me I’m just another person with a mask.

With every artist having their own message to portray through the music that they create, what is the message that you convey?

The message I convey is: live at the moment. Life is meant to be lived fully submerged in the beautiful chaos that is us. Learn and grow from the lows and be grateful for the highs.

What's next for you?

Next for me is more music, more visuals, more growth, and a tour this upcoming summer!


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