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Eean Urges Listeners to Open Their Minds with Latest Single "Weatherman"

Pittsburg, Hip-Hop, and Soul artist Eean is here today to showcase his narratives to listeners. Always emphasizing the quality and uniqueness of his sound, Eean is all about using his music to share his inner thoughts and ideas. That's why you can expect to glide along his tracks and find tons of stimulating verses and a grounding atmosphere. Eean hopes to inspire and encourage other artists to elevate their transparency within their music, and his latest releases will help listeners reach a certain level of introspection.

Eean's latest track "Weatherman" has a soft and overall chilled out ambiance. The production aids highly towards that laidback energy, and Eean's verses accentuate the intensity of the song. Guiding through "Weatherman," we find there to be moments where Eean brings up some insane wordplay. We're coursing along the track, and especially near the chorus, we intensely vibe with the track. It's easy to decipher the significance of Eean's track, which makes it that much easier to connect with him closer artistically. Not only will "Weatherman" help with connecting yourself to the mindset of Eean, but the track will also help listeners personally reflect upon their own lives and intentions. Eean has a lot to say and uses his music to vocalize all of his inner tensions and emotionality. We wouldn't suggest sleeping on "Weatherman," as Eean proves a lot about himself throughout the track.

Discover Eean's latest track "Weatherman", here

Hey Eean! Welcome! "Weatherman" is your recent release to debut, and the track really focuses on stimulating self-reflection amongst listeners. Can you dive deeper into how exactly you attempted to surface introspection within the tracks listeners?

My track "Weatherman" really was meant to hit the listener in several ways. The last two lines of the hook I say, "Just put yourself in a position to sustain, and find a happy place to get you through the pain" In life, regardless of your situation, we're bound to face a struggle, but finding your own way to cope and just know that there is always gonna be light at the end of that darkness is key to getting through. There are always blessings hidden amongst the curse, so we all gotta stop comparing ourselves to others, take a step back, and enjoy what we have right now. Make the best of every can't be mad at the weatherman for telling you it's gonna rain, but you can go dance in the rain and make the best of any situation!

What about your artistry and the way you create your music motivates you to incorporate personal narratives and subsequent vulnerabilities to your listeners? 

I like to think my artistry is authentic. My real name isEeanas is my artist name. I want to be transparent with my listeners. I never felt the need to talk about things I don't have or push a certain narrative just because it's what's getting clicks and views or whatever. It's almost like an "if I can do it, you can do it" type of mindset when I create. I'm human too. If I can help one person who listens to my music, then it's a win in my book. Don't get me wrong, I like to talk the talk in my songs too, but at the end of the day, we're all one love. 

Proving to always have a love for music at a young age, do you find that any properties of your early music days appear in the very music you create today?

For sure, I just have an exceptional ear for music than most.  I have a great ear for pitch when it comes to instruments, melodies, and working with different keys, which gives me more options when I hear a beat. I have broadened my sound and can incorporate it with a lot of different styles to my songs. There are many dimensions in my music for sure. Drake has been a big inspiration for me since high school the way he can spit a hot 16 and then sing the hook on the very same song. You hear me do the same in "Weatherman" I even bring out the 3 part harmony at the end. 

You clearly have positive intentions with your music, especially regarding how it makes your listeners think and feel. Within the future, how will you continue to elevate this aspect of your music? 

just continuing to be transparent. Mixing in topics with substance in my music. Encouraging my listeners to challenge themselves to be better every day and reflect on the steps they took to get to this exact moment. What can we do better as a species? How can we continue to grow? If I can trigger those deep thoughts and feelings all while creating a good vibe and getting heads to bob, then my work is done. In the music video that dropped on May 15, you see a lot of art and spiritual symbols throughout. A lot of the art is very abstract, which is a metaphor for the song.

What can fans anticipate next from you Eean?

I have a lot in store for the summer. I currently am featured on a single called "Good Morning" w/ Riley Bartoo you can find on all platforms. I have 3 singles coming throughout June. I put out music close to weekly on my SoundCloud. I definitely got some shows and festival performances on my radar once things get back to normal. You can expect my debut EP in early fall! In the meantime, just follow me on all my social media accounts and you won't miss anything! "Weatherman" available everywhere now!



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