EHV Shows His "Natural" Side in Recent Release

Canadian Hip-Hop artist EHV is here to show his genuine artistic versatility when it comes to creating and crafting his sound.

EHV puts pure effort and hard work into the elevation of his music, and he consciously creates music that is meaningful to his life. Sharing his work with listeners, EHV is unraveling his personal truth in an aim to connect with listeners in a real way. 

Using the power of manifestation, EHV chooses to think and speak his ultimate motivations into existence. The latest drive EHV speaks into existence is the release of his sonically-fused track "Natural".

As a Canadian artist, EHV has always been known to blend various genre styles together in order to create his exclusive sound, and he does this by drawing influence from so many different parts of the music industry.

"Natural" has clear properties pertaining to the contemporary Hip/Hop and alternative music scene, and with strong integration of lo-fi beats. The actual theme of "Natural" shouldn't come as a surprise to listeners, as EHV takes us down the storyline of remaining authentic and "natural" during the course of life, especially as a music artist.

All in all, EHV leaves us wanting more of his straight-forward, direct approach to the hip-hop scene, and we're keeping ourselves updated with what the music artist will release next.

What kind of truth went into the craft of "Natural"? What kind of storyline were you hoping listeners would pick up on throughout the track?

The message I was trying to craft in this song was to stay connected to nature. "Stay natural" simply means to stay connected to yourself, because we are nature. The storyline of this song quite literally explains my journey of becoming more confident in the artist I am today. I needed to question myself "asking if I'm able". "Have I really played all the cards right?" to understand the type of person I wanted to be. I had to choose between listening to my ego where I would follow other people and not be true to myself, or listen to my Id where I could be centered on myself, on my thoughts, my ideas, and my ability to create. "Natural" was a duality of both. Thinking of the good from the bad; "the winner's an expert at losing". I had become so accustomed to rejection, nobody listening to my music, but I was always "faithful" throughout the times I'd be "on my ass" and nowhere to be found. 

You've previously mentioned that "Natural" has been the track that made you step out of your comfort zone. How would you describe the way the track allowed this to happen for you?

This track allowed me to step out of my comfort zone because in almost the matter of a month, I completely changed how I scheduled my life, and my creative process, to focus on this single project. I basically learned the intermediate basics of an entire video editing program and recorded an entire music video with almost no prior experience. On top of that, I spent countless hours learning Facebook ads and marketing strategies, as well as sending out hundreds of voice messages on a weekly basis to strangers so they could support me before the song came out. All of this was completely out of the ordinary for me, because for the longest time I was stuck on constantly creating, and not getting my name out there, but I know I have a message to tell now. I know that my voice needs to be heard because I know I can help people. I got the time to focus on my words, and focus on how I want my message to be seen, and make sure it gets seen. I got the chance to "stay natural". 

As a music artist who enjoys dabbling in various music genres, are there any genres you have yet to work with that you're wanting to in the near future?

Honestly, I never think about what genre I'm going to be making as I'm making it. For me, everything happens in the moment, so whatever sounds good, and if I'm vibing, or the person I'm working with is vibing, then I stick with that. I feel like sometimes trying to label where your art is categorized can be a tough thing to know, and all I know that I'll be doing in the near future is making music that sounds like me. Where I grab inspiration from, I grab inspiration from and make it mine. However, I do see myself making some more funky tunes like 'Natural' some time again, stay tuned! 

Your collection of mixes offers strong sensations for listeners. What kind of process goes behind the production of each track and how do you ensure the production matches the lyrics of the song?

Making the production and lyrics come together is probably one of the longest steps in the creation process for me. When I'm working, I don't necessarily think about this though, because at times I'll start writing lyrics before I hear the beat, but then at times I'll get inspired by another song, make the beat, then write lyrics. The golden rule that I follow is that 'if it doesn't feel right, then it ain't right'. When in the studio, you sometimes can get caught up on the small details and to me, if everything doesn't come out smoothly at that time, I take a step back and come back to it another day. This way, on a different day, you could have different energy with the same lyrics you wrote the day before that sound a lot better. It's all about your mood, your energy, and being able to speak the words that truly come to your mind while you hear the frequencies of the beat. 

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

I want all of my new and old fans to stay tuned because I've got a lot of content coming to my Instagram and Tiktok as I will be editing a lot more videos. Expect some more music and potentially a new video at the end of September/ beginning of October. Everyone who pre-saved 'Natural' already knows that they'll be getting a preview of my next single, so stay tuned for some new announcements! Be ready for 1-2 singles a month, and some behind the scenes footage of my independent music production program at Seneca York.