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Eito Takes Listener's Focus with Intensifying Track "Untitled"

Pittsburgh-based artist Eito has the drive and determination to show listeners what his true calling is all about.

Living predominantly within the Hip/Hop and Rap music world, Eito hones in on communicating real-life problems and thoughts to his listeners. We get the real Eito within his music, and he isn't afraid to showcase his various artistic talents. Already garnering some experience within the studio, Eito is only continuing to grow himself both personally and artistically, beginning with his latest track release, "Untitled". 

Eito's single "Untitled" begins with the smoothest of lo-fi beats, and ultimately only progresses into an even more sultry-sounding mix. Eito eventually begins his performance once we're about one minute in, and we soon realize how straight-up the verse outflow is. Eito keeps it intimate with the way he goes about delivering his lyricism, and the tone is kept quite assertive.

We're brought along the story of life and the perspective Eito has, delving further into witty comments tied to the effortless wordplay Eito is able to execute. Listening along to the message Eito presents to listeners within "Untitled", we find ourselves ultimately intrigued by the way he thinks, how he's able to communicate that, and how well the production of the track melts into his performance. All in all, "Untitled" felt like an authentic extension of Eito's artistic abilities, and it left us curious for more. 

Discover Eito's single "Untitled" here


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