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EJ Carey Holds Nothing Back With the Release of Her Pop-Country Anthem “I.G.B.Y.H.”

Creatively blending the high-energy pop and rock genres, EJ Carey brings her flavor to the music scene by reintroducing the sounds of her teen years. Under the guise of confessional plot-driven songwriting, she tackles subjects such as breakups, breakthroughs, and obstacle hurdling. Utilizing her powerful vocals, EJ Carey cries out thoughts you always wished you could say.

True to her storytelling ways, EJ Carey delivers an impassioned admission of probable heartbreak to her prospective lover in her latest song, “I. G.B.Y.H.” Acknowledging that she has finally met the perfect partner, she embarks on a poetic diatribe of her ability to keep him. Enamored by his pure soul, kind nature, and oblivious love for her, EJ Carey feels compelled to inform her love interest of her ability to break his heart inevitably. “I. G.B.Y.H.” is the perfect depiction of our deepest fears when it comes to one’s actions ruining the greatest thing that has happened to them.

Although “I. G.B.Y.H.” discourses a heartbreaking subject, the song carries itself exceptionally well with high energy and an uptempo vibe. EJ Carey’s voice reaches your soul with its vigorous propagation of her heartfelt thoughts. Combined with the hard-hitting percussion, the chorus will rest itself deep in the listener’s bones and run a course through every inch of their body. “I. G.B.Y.H.” is a thoroughly relatable song that ties EJ Carey to her audience with emotional honesty.

With a pure and unadulterated writing style, EJ Carey is poised to shake up the current scheme of the music industry. Seeing as “I. G.B.Y.H.” is but one of the songs on her latest E.P., ‘Outlier,’ we encourage you to give the project a listen and take in the full scope of her musical prowess.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, EJ Carey, and congrats on the release of your song "I. G.B.Y.H." How did the creation of this hit come to be? What was your inspiration behind the descriptive lyrics?

I wrote "I.G.B.Y.H." about going out with someone for the first time after having my heart shattered into a million pieces. After such a long relationship, that first date was such a huge change: everything was light, fun, and easy. However, I felt myself starting to catch feelings for this new guy, and the part of me that was still hurting was acting as the devil on my shoulder, whispering, "what if YOU got to break someone's heart this time?" into my ear. When you're hurting like that, there's part of you that wants to inflict that pain on someone else sometimes. Thankfully, I didn't, but frankly, it was empowering to fantasize about doing that kind of damage.

How important is it for you to inspire the youth with the style of music that influenced you when you were young?

If I'm able to inspire one person, it's all worth it. I grew up listening to top 40, pop-country, pop-r&b, and pop-punk music, and my influences are evident in both my songwriting and vocal style. Younger musicians need to hold onto what they love because you never know what they can turn that love into (like how Post Malone loved pop-punk and hip hop and became the face of a now very popular pop sub-genre!).

What is music creation for you? Does it have some therapeutic value?

It can be cathartic, but it's primarily impulsive. The lyrics and melody will arrive at me simultaneously, almost as if I've been stricken with it, and if I don't start writing it down at that very moment, I will forget it. It usually takes me about 10 minutes to get the whole song down, and then I work in chords after that. But, depending on the subject matter, it can have therapeutic value.

What would be your direct message to a young fan looking to get into the music industry?

This is much harder than you could ever imagine it being. Prepare to become adaptable and resourceful. Making a living from music is not impossible, but how one can make that money is not clear cut or easy by any means - and it's constantly changing! Make friends with everyone - they may help you out in the future.

What's next for you?

My goal is to launch a Patreon by next year! I am always writing music, but the studio I work with had to cancel my sessions for what would've been a follow-up release due to being so behind with projects booked before COVID took over the world.


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