Ekou Sanchez Takes The Plunge With His Debut Release, “Blue Moon”

The up-and-coming 17-year-old artist Ekou Sanchez hails from Chicago, IL, with a passion for music.

Struggling with mental health over the pandemic, Ekou Sanchez struggled with his demons, all while dealing with the loss of his beloved cat, who inspired his moniker and legacy. Turning to music for this emotional outlet, the self-produced artist wanted to share the meditative melodies crafted with those willing to listen.

What immediately speaks to us as we tune into the realm of Ekou Sanchez has to be the emotion that we hear in his beat production. The trickling elements teeter into multi-dimensional layers that bring forth stories of their seclusion.

Keeping his concepts relatively simple in the memorable effect they have on our mindset, the soundscape of "Blue Moon" transports us into an otherworldly dimension that breathes slivers of complexity when needed. Through each heartfelt note conveyed, we admire the rise and fall of "Blue Moon" as we navigate through the peaks and valleys sonically carved out.

What began as a component of artistry that Ekou Sanchez dabbled in for self-enjoyment is now a piece of art readily available for anyone to hear within moments of searching the web. Bringing forth a myriad of emotions and tying us into the come-up of his craft, Ekou Sanchez is here to make an impact with his musical tales.

Eager to see how his style grows as he continues to evolve, "Blue Moon" is an excellent reminder that Eku Sanchez is out here making monumental moves.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ekou Sanchez, and congratulations on the release of "Blue Moon." With such a reflective sound from this musical expression, could you please share what this song means to you?

For me, this melody represents a starting point. I think that every great artist remembers their first song. I already know that I will be able to inspire so many teens like myself struggling with mental health battles to keep pushing forward.

What was the creative concept like when bringing life to "Blue Moon?" Did it fit into how you usually create music?

When I first sit down to make a song, I try to incorporate my emotions and capture them within the melody. I think that any good song has to have meaning behind it. If my music can evoke the same emotions from my fans while enabling them to just embrace those emotions and vibe out to the music, I know that my job was well done.

Your beloved cat Ekou continues to be such a great inspiration for your craft. What was your relationship like, and how do you aim to keep his legacy going?

My family had adopted him since before I could really recall what was happening around me. I was at such a young age, so it feels like he was there for me my whole life. Ekou was my first friend as a child. I remember playing with him every day and ending each day with him wrapped around my head or curled up next to me on my bed. No matter how old I got, or how bad of a day I had, I could count on You to snuggle up next to me and cheer me up as soon as I got home. His passing was extremely hard on me, but I value the time I had with him. My goal is to help others struggling with mental health battles as a tribute to Ekou’s legacy, just like he did for me.

What is the main message that you would like your audience to take away from "Blue Moon?"

I just want my fans to know that no matter how lonely they may feel, they just have to keep pushing forward. I know that if I can achieve my goals with music and embody a sense of happiness, so can anyone else.

What's next for you?

Well, I’ve already dropped quite a few songs in the past week or so. This includes my personal favorite “Rising Dawn,” and many more like “Blissful Nights,” “Galaxy WRLD,” “Toxic Thoughts,” and even “Rivers Bliss.” Make sure to keep an eye out for me, I’ll be dropping my next two songs “Fake Love” and “Breaking Point” very soon.