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El West Debuts New Single "Never Know", Catch Them Performing It Tomorrow on Live Stream!

El West is an LA-based Alternative Rock band who recently released their newest single “Never Know”, and with it comes an amazing charity live stream performance on April 11, 2020 at 7 pm MST for The Duet Organization of Arizona, a non-profit organization for Seniors and homebound adults in their community.

The stream will not only be a celebration of the release but it will also host a special Q&A all while being targeted to help others.

“Never Know” is one of those songs that is all about the good vibes and striking you home. As the single carried out, we felt captivated and determined from the amazingly emotional vocal performance.

The message in this song is forceful and strong in the best of ways. It inspires us to go out and live our dreams. The bold message of never surrendering and pushing forward is something that a lot of people will find comfort in and can relate to. This release features intricate but easy to follow guitar lines, a punchy driving drum kit, a steady bass that holds its own weight, and a powerful vocal that will leave you wondering what's next from El West.

Stream "Never Know" here and check out their live stream event on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on April 11.



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