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Electro Indie-Pop and Folk With Calathea

Calathea is a new electronic indie-pop project created from the mind of just one man. Producer and songwriter Mitchell Johnson stands at the helm and has brought quite a sound to fruition. Using his music as an outlet, the "Desiderium" EP is a combination of catchy pop and folk songs all rolled up into one record. While songs like "Vessel Walls" take on the indie-pop grooves, others like "The Sick List" are more acoustic guitar-focused and it all seems to flow together flawlessly. All the tracks feel like they are based on life situations and realism. An inspiring record especially in the sense that it's okay to just write what you write and see what happens and still have it all work out. An in-depth delving into the mind of the songwriter and at times even ourselves.

Check out "Desiderium" here

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