Electronic Trio Teddy Midnight Always Serves Up Fresh Grooves for Fans

Brooklyn’s very own electronic trio Teddy Midnight are making a name for themselves in the music scene. Each multitalented band member is a songwriter, producer, and performer, giving the trio a substantial arsenal of talent to draw from. Gone are the days that music should fit into the box of specific genres – Teddy Midnight likes to blur the lines.

With a heavy focus on electronic and synth sounds, they also dabble with house, techno, breakbeat, and drum ‘n bass styles. Teddy Midnight is known for their ability to create a natural flow between electronic music and live instrumentation. In addition to their many musical talents, the band produces all of the music that they record. Fans have coined the group “live producers” because of their ability to incorporate their original sounds into live performances seamlessly. By improvising during shows, Teddy Midnight gives fans a special treat with unique, dance-inducing songs that are unique to every crowd.

Listen to "My Eyes" here.

Hey Teddy Midnight, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re truly taken on a ride with your recent dynamic single “My Eyes (feat. Lars Viola) [Radio Edit]”. What made the group want to venture off and experiment in the hip-hop world with this single?

Hip-Hop is something we grew up listening to. With artists we love like Kendrick Lamar, Run the Jewels and Anderson. Paak releasing some of the best albums of the last few years, we really wanted to have a song that represented our love for the genre. 

Speaking on your single “My Eyes (feat. Lars Viola) [Radio Edit]”, Lars Viola not only rides the beat perfectly, but he sets out a message that speaks volumes. How did Teddy Midnight’s supporting production help emphasize his message?

Conscious lyrics really elevate a song and can really leave an impression, so we always had Lars in mind for the song. Lars is an old friend of ours and we knew he would fit perfectly with the beat. We already had the samples in the song and we just trusted him to send us something fitting.

Genuinely speaking, Teddy Midnight is one of the few electronic groups/DJ’s that we’ve featured out of Brooklyn. How has living in Brooklyn helped Teddy Midnight create electronic music that serves something different to the borough?

There is a great diversity and sense of community in the Brooklyn music scene, so we are greatly influenced by our neighborhoods. Brooklyn has a lot of variety with its DJs, bands, solo artists, and everything in between. Coming from jazz and rock backgrounds, we really focus on adding live elements to electronic music, and there is endless inspiration in our community. (Adam Magnan adds this: there's really not many artists in Brooklyn doing what we do as far as being able to produce, DJ, and perform all the same music in a live-band setting. We love DJing and we love playing as a band, so we want the music to reflect that and translate between those different types of performing.)

We’ve noticed that Teddy Midnight has made quite an impact in the electronic music world. Seeing as the trio blends many sub-genres across EDM, is there any sub-genre that acts as home base for Teddy Midnight, and that you feel most comfortable with?

Our home base is house music. We love the groove and soul of old school house music and it seems to permeate through all our recordings. Even when reaching into areas of techno, disco, or lounge, there is always a bit of that house swing to it.

What's next for you throughout the rest of 2020?

Unfortunately, with the current state of the world, we are unsure of when we will be performing next. Luckily we have been writing dozens of songs over the last year which we will eventually release as a series of albums or singles. We will also be live streaming DJ sets, as well as independent projects. Stay tuned to our socials for details.