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Elektric Animals Releases Trailblazing Hit, “Vulnerable Thing”

Elektric Animals is an alternative rock band all the way from Denver, Colorado. Their sound is a tasteful mix of 90’s Garage rock, Classic Blues, Smooth Alternative indie rock, and a sprinkle of post-grunge. They burst into the Denver scene in early 2018 with singles “Obsessive” and “Cool Calm collected.”

They released their latest record titled “Vulnerable Thing” and sealed the Animals as an upcoming band to watch. Something about rock music could be so powerful and dynamic. The genre is so gorgeous with its bad-ass guitar strumming and diverse chaos it gives. While remaining chaotic, rock bands still give powerful meanings behind their music. And some of their vocals? Well, do we need to even cover how talented these artists are? The band Elektric Animals represents these qualities enough with a range that’s out of this world and vocally taking their voices through ultimately different registers. The melody in “Vulnerable Thing” was so prepossessing you felt elevated throughout. The exhilarating energy this song presents is something you just can’t find in most records! Elektric Animals is a force to be reckoned with. Their sound, their delivery, and the arrangement show professionalism and structure within this family. We will be looking forward to seeing what else this hard-hitting and iconic band can deliver us.

Check out "Vulnerable Thing" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

What’s up Elektric Animals! It’s always interesting hearing the formation of a band. How did Elektric Animals form?

Next question. Just kidding! We always get asked this question and I can never spice up the story enough to make it interesting. One thing I can say is our original drummer made everyone else in the band quit their other projects. The moment we all did he packed up his things and went to another band. When they say bands are like relationships they are not lying. Everytime we see his new band play we feel like we walked in to our significant other cheating on the bed we bought!

Knowing your sound favors the classic Rock n Roll era, who would you consider some of your influences? Our influences range from 70's Rock to Blues to 90's Alternative and even modern Pop. I could go through each band that has influenced each member but things will start getting messy. One thing I love about our band is nobody likes the same type of music. Bands our guitarist loves are bands that I personally could do without and bands I love our guitarist despises haha. It makes for a really unique dynamic.

How do you differentiate yourself from other rock bands?

As I said in the question before we just have such a variety of influences. When we write music we never try and put a genre on it. We just each add things we love and it blossoms into this complete song. Sometimes I don't even know if I would consider us a Rock band. But don't tell that to the other guys. They will kill me!

Let’s talk about this rad single “Vulnerable Thing.’ This song felt like it had a strong message presented behind it. What was the meaning and theme behind this?

When I write I tend to start with just a stream of consciousness. I don't really choose a topic I want to write about. I just start singing and writing lyrics whether they make sense or not. Then I will look back and kind of see a story come together. I almost prefer hearing how other people interpret it. Sometimes outside sources understand what I'm trying to say more than I do! So what do you think the message is?!

Any exciting upcoming live performances?

Our next sealed date is August 30th at The Marquis Theatre in Denver. We also are setting up a mini tour for early September. So let us know where you want to see us! Thanks again for everything Buzz Music!


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