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Elevate Your Environment and Find the, "Power of Your Mind"

FONZO’s music may manifest as Hip-hop, but his passion for music stemmed from sharing a love of funk and oldies with his parents at a young age. Hailing from Tracy, California, he started to hone in on his lyrical skills when he was in high school as a freestyle rap artist. After building his own studio, he began to make a serious effort to share his sound with those that needed to hear it.

Exuding his ambitious essence as an artist, FONZO is fresh off the release of his most recent single, “Power of Your Mind.” Pursuing the desire to inspire his audience, FONZO delivers an aspirational performance in the song's cognizant messaging. Being the second single release from his forthcoming album, ‘High Gravity,’ FONZO accompanies the highly motivational body of work with eye-catching visuals rich in a meaningful message, and vibrant with energy.

We admire the validity that overflows from his soul as the film component offers up FONZO being a mentor to various children that he is ushering to follow their dreams. Creating a comforting appeal as the video transpires a sense of belonging and the importance of community, we see FONZO touring the streets in a tie-dye outfit matching his young pupils as he raps influential words of his life’s chronicle.

With a sub-narrative happening as we fixate ourselves on the two sides exposed, we see a version of FONZO where he is caught up with the wrong crowd, and the negative involvements lead to acts of violence in the street.

Delivering the prevailing core that lies in the heart of the power of our mind, FONZO’s ingenious approach to showing us the various lanes life can take you has us in awe. Elevating his lyricism and creating an uplifting approach to the generation's youth, FONZO has brought the sense of togetherness to a whole new level.


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