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Elevate Your Voice and Spirit with Clane Matthew's "Standing Tall," Featuring Aisha Hayles

Clane Matthew is a native of Jamaica and spends his time entertaining his musically inclined mind. With a love for music ever since a young age, he found himself falling more into the genre of Hip-hop versus the predominant sounds exposed through Reggae and Dancehall custom to where he lived. Always being shaped by the lyricism and cadences that authentic Hip-hop brought forth, he wanted to take the route of being an influential role model that future generations could look up to.

Hoping to open the eyes of all, bring peace, knowledge, and positivity to all hearts, Clane Matthew is aiming to make a change in the world. He wants to be the glimpse of light that brings hope to this dark world.

Showcasing a charismatic glimmer of his authentic persona in his most recent record “Stand Tall,” featuring the striking talents of Aisha Hayles, we are eager to simmer in the bolstering resonance that is provided to us through the signature melodic tones that a Clane Matthew track brings to the table. The instrumentation weighs heavily in an Electro-Pop that meets the Hip-hop realm as the eccentric synths fade in and out through the progression of this song.

With Aisha Hayles conquering the mesmerizing hook, we float effervescently into her warm embrace that wreaks an environment so melismatic in its tenors we transport ourselves to a utopia of hopefulness. Clane Matthew is notorious for the way that he emphasizes his empowering messaging in the lyrical dexterity he impeccably displays throughout his verses.

As he rides the waves of the musical course provided by the backing instrumental, “Standing Tall,” strikes our ears in a miscellany of harmonies, optimism, and illuminating victorious emotions driving your very being. Being swept off of our feet with the songs Clane Matthew allows us to dive into, we admire the vulnerability that trickles from his lyrical motifs as he encourages listeners to stand tall and work towards a better tomorrow.




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