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Elevated in the League, Fame-Ous Barz is Back With, "No Love"

Back with his third single from his debut album, 'My Ambitions Life or Death Vol.1,' Hip-hop artist Fame-ous Barz steers the ship of his powerful creations as he delivers a textured magnetism for all to hear.

As he continues to garner attention worldwide, the multifaceted artist from Detroit, Michigan shows no signs of letting up. With each song more captivating than the last, Fame-ous Barz is slowly introducing the world to his highly anticipated album.

Delving into a fusion of hard-hitting energy while remaining fully cognizant, Fame-ous Barz provides an enticing environment that touches on both the nostalgic roots of old-school Hip-hop and the poignant R&B tenors. Being his third single introduced to the world, the styles that we have graciously had the pleasure of hearing swarm together and offer something vastly different from the last.

Dripping in an alluring swagger that is etched into his being, the self-assured poise that Fame-ous Barz rocks so effortlessly has us hypnotized by the rhyme schemes that he delivers. You just don’t hear the boom-bap pedigrees anymore in today’s day and age.

Honing in on the quintessence of being a true emcee, Fame-ous Barz doesn’t hold back as he overflows his authentic truth in the cadences that he swiftly approaches. Clear and present with his vocal delivery, we admire the sweet R&B sounds that reign in the chorus that takes “No Love,” to a new-found facet.

Combining his intricate lyricism with the layers of heartfelt tendencies, “No Love,” has us appreciating the value that Fame-ous Barz places into each song that he crafts. Implementing his talents in a versatile manner, we’re looking forward to what we can expect from the next single to be released.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Fame-ous Barz, its always a pleasure catching up with you. Congratulations on the release of, “No Love.” What is the meaning behind the lyrical content of this single?

Thank you so much for having me. The content was pretty much is and was as real as it could get for me to touch on particularly my battles in the music industry professionally and personally it came down to me putting my self in a position where the closes people to me at the time felt entitled to the success that came with it. It was a struggle and a battle where I had a lot of people around me envious of the opportunities that I was blessed to have and bitter ex that didn't believe in me or my dreams were going to happen for me but when things took off for me they didn't spare any expense to try to destroy everything I work so hard for but I persevered and overcame the odds to be where I am through God.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the studio session was like when bringing this particular single to life?

Well, it was pretty hard to touch on it at the time but I had actually made the music to fit everything in the midst of the betrayals the war of words what a lot of people I had a love for and considered family but at some point, you have to let the lines be drawn and address it and it was a lot that I had to get off my chest but the reactions that people gave me from hearing the record they were really overwhelmed with what I went through with my trials and tribulations on this record so I'm really glad that the feedback that I'm getting for people it was shocking because it shocked me and I just put everything that was going on with me mentally and who I am on that record.

Stepping into a smoother role for “No Love,” how does this single compare to the other two singles that you currently have out?

I will say no love expresses more vulnerability and a chance to let my audience know what was the inspiration behind the music and giving them more intimate detail and an answer to what was the chaos that caused the music to be made in the first place.

How long has it taken you to create all of the songs that listeners will soon be able to hear on 'My Ambitions Life or Death Vol.1?'

Honestly, it took me a year-and-a-half to complete the music there were a lot of people that were really trying to sabotage and trying to stop me from releasing music really a producer at the time that I worked with along with my ex they were hell-bent on stopping me other producers from working with me but I produced the music along with my wife Rainna Celeste and inked new my label deal despite there efforts. My Debut album My Ambition Life Or Death volume 1 will be released on June 18, 2021.



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