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Elgin Livens Our Days with a Glimmering Single, "Kiss and Tell"

Inspiring anyone on TikTok to create challenges to his music, singer-songwriter, and pop artist Elgin does precisely that with his latest single, "Kiss and Tell."

Swooning anyone with his smooth vocal stylings and groovy beats, Elgin is genuinely his own competition, as his unmatched tone and sonics truly make for a unique experience. Constantly attracting new fans by way of TikTok, Elgin is always on the move creating more songs for the competitive and creative app.

Inspiring TikTok dances with his latest single, "Kiss and Tell," the track brings listeners into an upbeat sonic groove through Elgin's lively vocal portrayal and the stimulating production/arrangement. Blasting us through the heart of pop music through this energetic dance groove, Elgin leaves us in need of those picturesque summer nights once again.

Hitting play on "Kiss and Tell," the song opens with warm electric guitar strums and a hefty bassline. As Elgin's vocals appear alongside the punchy and tight drum patterns, the song takes off into a bright and anthemic space for anyone to hit repeat on all summer long. Reaching the catchy hook, Elgin brings us into the iridescent and glimmering atmosphere through his playful lyrics and groovy sonics.

The track continues its scorching hot groove, focusing on the energetic drum breaks and the accompanying bassline, all of which perfectly complement Elgin's sweet vocal delivery. We're more than excited to hear songs like this in the club scenes once they're back in full swing, as Elgin brings us to our feet with each and every beat.

Liven your night with help from Elgin's latest single, "Kiss and Tell," available to get down with on all streaming platforms.



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