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Elijah Blond Gives Us A New Bop For Our Playlist “Whispers”

Vancouver, Canada singer/songwriter Elijah Blond first caught the attention of his listeners with his debut 2018 single “Whispers”. The genre-bending nature of his style showcased his broad range as a vocalist. Representing Vancouver's music collective KNWMRE, Elijah Blond plans to use 2019 to create a vast portfolio of diverse music for any lover of Hip-Hop, R&B or Pop. The atmospheric and ethereal single helps you mentally place yourself in a different environment and paints a vivid image for you to enjoy the song and connect with the music in a visualization manner.

It’s interesting because I have not yet seen the visuals by Elijah Blond, so I was able to fabricate how I would see the music video in my head. It would be pretty captivating regardless on the direction Elijah Blond chooses to take. “Whispers” has a unique vibe to it. I can’t necessarily categorize it into one genre but it’s equipped with the sensational vocals for you neon-pop lovers while soothing us into a placement of relaxation for you subtle pop grubbers! Elijah Blond presents a subdued energetic song, perfect for late night drives, and late night vibes.

Listen to “Whispers” here and get to know Elijah Blond in our interview below!

Hey Elijah, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Well, my name is Elijah Blond and I am a singer songwriter based out of Vancouver Canada.

What was the most anticipating moment of releasing “Whispers”?

I had sat on the track for around 5 months, really taking my time to perfect the writing and production. This was my first single to be released on all streaming platforms, moving away from Soundcloud releases. This song is also different from anything I had done before so I was excited to see how people would react, and so far its gone better than I could have ever expected.

How do you manage to execute your visions and ideas into your music?

Honestly, a lot of hard work. As well as a group of people I’ve surrounded myself with who believe in me and my vision. I feel blessed everyday to have their support.

Every artist has their own story! What’s yours?

Ever since I was young Ive been surrounded by music. Both my parents were recording artists themselves at one point. I picked up drums, bass, and guitar through the ages of 4 to 8, eventually sticking with the guitar and moving towards singing and songwriting through my teen years. I feel as though it was a good way to express my emotions through high school. Later on in my teens I slowly made the transition to the style I have today, then moved back to Vancouver where I was born from Vancouver Island to seriously pursue my lifelong dreams of music. Met a collective of very talented artists producers, photographers and creative minds called KNWMRE. We all have big plans for the future and I’m honoured to be alongside them for this.

If you can describe your style in any adjective what would it be and why?

Thats kind of a hard one. Im still experimenting with different sounds and what suits me best, but overall I want to be diverse in all aspects of my music. I want to blend genres and break down any walls or premonitions people may have about hip hop, while also staying true to my West Coast and Folk roots.

What can we expect from you this year? In 2019 I want to make my mark on the Vancouver scene and show people what I can do. You can expect multiple singles and music videos showcasing my diversity early in the year. Later on as Fall comes upon us I want to give listeners some insight into the mind of Elijah Blond. People will also be hearing my name at clubs and venues as the year goes on. Im definitely excited for the Journey ahead of me and want to thank all my fans for getting me this far, Ive been feeling very optimistic. 


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