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Elijah Vaine Visits Dark Spaces on New Track “Lately”

Ghostly, frozen in time sounds wash over you as Elijah Vaine drops his latest track “Lately.” Smooth vocal stylings are what Elijah unleashes, reminiscent of artists like T-Pain and Will I Am, lyrics are delivered with a nonchalant and effortless demeanor. Hailing from Miami Fl, Elijah has been making music since he was 12 years old, now 19, his years of studying EDM programs have allowed him to create unique and original beats while carrying a polished sound. “Lately” focuses its subject matter on life “Going crazy” in all directions, from relationships to substance abuse, Elijah isn’t afraid of talking about the darker subject matter.

Elijah concentrates on creating music that has a darker R&B/Electronic Pop sound, and the imagery and storytelling in his lyrics really help his songs take on a life of their own. “Lately” really digs down to the dark depths of one's soul. The mysterious vibe this track creates keeps the listener engaged and relaxed. With a pulsating ambient vibrato and cosmic low-end boost, it is clear Elijah Vaine understands what his listeners crave. We can most defiantly hear some of his influences behind his music, one being The Weekend. Elijah Vaine will have you locked down as soon as you press play on “Lately.”

You can find "Lately" here.

Hi Elijah and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your new song “Lately”. Can you tell our readers a bit more about the sound you strived to achieve?

Lately was a song I wrote about my recent life experience and how I was becoming a new me. I really wanted to get that catchy melody that'll get your head bopping as well as write what I've been through.

What inspired you to invest your time into EDM music? What have your years of learning these programs really enabled you to do with your music?

I started with EDM because for one at the time it was my favorite genre of music and as a kid I saw all these DJs making it big only using a laptop so I thought I could do it just as easy, but it wasn't the case. However, it enabled me to push myself to learn how to work with the music and the tech that goes with it which helps me in putting out the quality of music I strive for today.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your projects?

My biggest goal would have to be having an established fan base where I could make a living off of music as well as help others in need with the blessings that would come my way.

What is your biggest dream or goal you want to achieve with creating music?

In 2020 you can expect some great upcoming music, right now I am working on two tracks which will be released soon so stay tuned.



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