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Elijah XIII Has Mastered Lyrical Flow With “Lonely Nights”

At 9 years old Elijah XIII started writing his first rap which was a dormant energy that he had carried with him his entire life but wasn’t something he saw for himself as a reality until his junior year of high school. This is when he started going harder for what he wanted and for Elijah, “being an artist is not something you ‘become’, instead it is something that has always been in me”. With an objective as a collective to elevate the minds and change the perspective of our youth, his ultimate goal is bigger than music but that, as the future, our youth learn to think for themselves and to follow their passion without compromising their vision. Elijah’s artistry has always helped him with his life journey because it has kept him focused on the bigger picture – “No matter how bad life gets, my pursuit of happiness has never been altered and the vision remains the same. If it wasn’t for music, I’m sure I would have gotten stuck at some point in life.”

Elijah XIII is dropping some fantastic rhymes in this laid-back track “Lonely Nights” that has beats that are easy to jam to and have a touch of eeriness to them that help paint a picture of being alone. If you listen to the story that is being drawn through the lyrics and the emotion that can be heard with each note as they slowly intensify you can really get an idea of the big picture, almost like a letter to his girl or an apology. I’m a big fan of timeless rap songs that capture the artist’s meaning like “Lonely Nights” does, and how the different layers of this track show off the talent and finesse that ElijahXIII is capable of. The tone of Elijah’s voice is low and has remnants of artists like Kanye and Drake and it relaxes you with the complements of the electric and keyboard sounds accompanying his sultry deep voice. I love the little “act” at the beginning of the song where Elijah is just talking, a technique that artists like Tech N9ne and Dr. Dre use that adds a bit more understanding to the lyrical meaning. Overall “Lonely Nights” is a track that you don’t want to stop listening to and that will get your head bobbing.

Check "Lonely Nights" out here, as well as Elijah's personalized interview below!


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Hey Elijah XII! Pleasure chatting with you! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

First thing’s first, my name is Elijah XIII haha but don’t worry I’m not taking any offense. People are always surprised to hear that I was born Jacksonville, Arkansas. Other than being a recording artist, I am a photographer, videographer, event curator, host, & altogether entrepreneur. I have a few platforms launching 2019. Can’t wait to share with you all!

What is the meaning behind “Lonely Nights”?

Lonely Nights basically dives into the emotions of Elijah XIII. I am expressing my feelings to an “ex” girl that I understand the frustration of what it’s like to deal with someone like me, while putting out the idea that we can rekindle a relationship that doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual or romantic; hence “I was thinking we can kick it you can leave on your clothes this time.”

What inspired you to create such a timeless yet unique sound?

Before anything, it was the production that immediately took me in a trans; I instantly heard melodies followed by the lyrics. S/o to Prod. Flip. Honestly this song was inspired by real emotions. To this day I’ve never been in a relationship & at the time, I had just had a falling out with the closest thing I’ve ever had to a “girlfriend”. It’s been a couple months that we haven’t spoke to each other & closure was something we never accomplished, so this song was the manifestation of the lingering thoughts & emotions I experienced every night, knowing she feels the same.

Did you listen to rap growing up and what artists have shaped the music that you create today?

Growing up I definitely listened to a lot of rap music. I honestly don’t feel like I was really in tune to music so much growing up & that my experiences & surrounding energy is the reason music i create today. I have been influenced by all genres of music because that word to me means so much more than the word, or A word.

What can we expect to see from you in 2019?

I am so excited for this year! I really won’t get into much detail because there’s so much going on, It can be another article! Expect visuals & Elijah XIII’s first project to drop. Alongside myself is an incredible team, UNINVITED. Be on the look out for Araaz, Quataee, Ish, BLVCKWÖLF & Cros! We will be taking the industry by surprise.



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