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EliMillionz Comes in Full Fledge With His New Freestyle “Prophet Freestyle”

EliMillionz is coming to the rap game full fledge with his new freestyle “Prophet Freestyle”. “Prophet Freestyle” was simply a freestyle but still managed to remain invigorating. Listening to “Prophet Freestyle” you can blast this song in the car with your friends or even at a party. It gets you hyped but still have you focused in on the lyric arrangement. “Prophet Freestyle” is melodic and harmonic which is the current style of hip hop which makes this song marketable to not only the youth but the classic hip hop listeners.

EliMillionz shows charisma through his personable delivery. You enjoy “Prophet Freestyle” thoroughly because the melody of EliMillionz flow was still canorous and catchy. This makes “Prophet Freestyle” a memorable track that can stand toe to toe with the mainstream songs in our playlists. Although EliMillionz is fresh in the hip hop game, he is still highly seasoned in terms of skill. We’re confident that his single “Prophet Freestyle” would leave lasting impressions.

EliMillionz tries to focus heavily on interesting melodies when creating his songs. These intriguing melodies are a representation of his artistry and what he can deliver to the table. Therefore, EliMillionz gives you a vast range of diversity through each melodic arrangement. You can never get tired of him! “Prophet Freestyle” is compelled with various dimensions but it still leaves its mark on its listener as a stylistic freestyle that the rapper can deliver.

Listen to “Prophet Freestyle” by EliMillionz here!



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