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Ella Hartt Shares An Inspirational Message In, “The Story You Tell Yourself”

Uplifting listeners far and wide is the genre-blending recording artist and singer-songwriter Ella Hartt with her inspirational and vibrant new single, "The Story You Tell Yourself."

Entertaining, loveable, and radiant are a few words to describe Ella Hartt. Blending the catchy lyrics of pop with country storytelling, Ella Hartt placed as a semi-finalist in the 2019 International Songwriting Competition while gaining international interest on internet radio across Canada, New Zealand, and Europe.

Influenced by family roots and radio hits, listeners can hear the whimsical, upbeat, and stunning country/pop stylings Ella Hartt consistently delivers in her new single, "The Story You Tell Yourself." Written remotely in her pajamas after a pandemic-long break, Ella Hartt is back to share an inspirational message with all listeners.

Expanding on the sweet new single, "The Story You Tell Yourself," the listening experience begins with warm country/pop instrumentals through electronic drums, subtle keys, and a warm country twang. Ella Hartt's first verse blesses us with her soft and silky vocals that hold similarities to a young and innocent Taylor Swift. As she reaches the hook, Hartt spiritedly reminds us of our worth and that we are the story we tell ourselves.

The song's transitions between the hook, verse, and bridge bring this easy-listening atmosphere that feels like floating on a musical cloud. Ella Hartt puts on an incredible performance so effortlessly, and it's not every day we come by an artist who makes us feel something deep within. All in all, this song is bound to help get you back on the right track.

When life's got you down, remember what you're made of with help from Ella Hartt's inspirational new single, "The Story You Tell Yourself," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ella Hartt. We genuinely appreciate such an uplifting and feel-good piece like "The Story You Tell Yourself." What made you want to write a song that inspires the listener and reminds them of their worth?

Thank you! I had the privilege of writing “The Story You Tell Yourself” with my good friend and co-writer Alex Hughes during the pandemic. While social media has many positive advantages, we were talking about the impact it can have on our self-worth. Sometimes social media makes us feel like we have to ‘have it all together or that our photos have to be ‘perfect’ to post. We can be hard on ourselves, but I want everyone to believe the best about themselves and their lives!

Did you work alongside any musicians or producers when crafting "The Story You Tell Yourself?" Who helped bring the song into existence? Yes! The Story You Tell Yourself was written and recorded entirely remotely! After writing the song with Canadian country artist and songwriter Alex Hughes, I worked with Nashville Producer Elysse Yulo and an amazing team of musicians. Alex Hughes sang the backup vocals, Dan Harrison played guitar and banjo, Daniel Kozlowski played drums, Elysse Yulo played keys, and Adam Sickler mixed and mastered the track. Did any genres, sounds, or artists have an influence on the sound and vibe of "The Story You Tell Yourself?" I definitely wanted “The Story You Tell Yourself” to be a mix between pop and country. I made a playlist of songs that inspired me, including Katy Perry’s “Roar." That song is an anthem and one that everyone can sing along to! I wanted my song to be catchy and memorable like that!

Do you usually write songs that empower and inspire the listener, similar to "The Story You Tell Yourself"? Is this songwriting approach something you're familiar with? I write a variety of songs! Some are about love or breakups, some have unusual titles or are faith-based, while others are uplifting and embrace female empowerment. What I write about depends on how my co-writers and I are feeling that day! I try to create music that brings other people joy and makes them feel good regardless of the situation they’re in! What's next for you? I’m excited to release my new music video for “The Story You Tell Yourself” and share it with everyone! In September, I’ll be heading to Calgary, AB, for Canadian Country Music Association® (CCMA)’s Country Music Week! I’m excited to reconnect with friends and celebrate country music!


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