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Ella Isaacson Is in Love With The Feminine Mystique In “Rude”

If Ella Isaacson wasn’t already on your radar, her latest release, "RUDE," will change that.

A New York native who moved to LA to pursue her dreams, the passionate and skilled singer-songwriter’s music is nothing short of a revelation. Isaacson often touches on complex themes such as the duality of self, the ups, and downs we experience with personal relationships throughout life, and self-love and empowerment.

In an interview about her new release, Isaacson shared that "RUDE" was inspired by a friend who exuded self-love and confidence. She learned that magnetism and sex appeal come from within, and the song celebrates the feminine energy and confidence that any woman can exude, making her irresistible. With her previous hit, “Ruins,” having peaked at #10 on the US Viral chart and #30 on the Global Viral Chart on Spotify, Isaacson has already showcased her massive potential and is poised for a breakout year.

Over instrumentals that feature playful drums, a wicked guitar riff, and hypnotically melodic synths, Isaacson’s spunky yet smooth vocals are still undeniably the focus, dropping lines like “The devil spent a little more time on you” and “everyone’s obsessed with a body so / Rude” with a sexy confidence that’ll have “Rude” stuck in your head. Collaborating with her excellent friends Allie Crystal and Mads Rosioru, “Rude” is a delicious blend of infectiously catchy instrumentation and vocals that’ll enter you and have you playing it on repeat.

Isaacson’s "RUDE" is a steamy, sexy ode to feminine confidence. Whenever you’re ready for something uplifting, tap in and stream “Rude,” available now on all major streaming platforms.


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