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Ella Transports Us to a Blissful Utopia with Her Playful New Single, "Talk to Me"

Hailing from Manchester, UK, the blissful Singer, and Songwriter Ella, taps into her deepest self to present us with her reflective single, “Talk to Me.”

For Ella, music has always been a constant part of her life growing up. It remains a way for her to express her feelings and flaunt her flirtatious and playful side with the creations she puts out into the world. She is a firm believer that being creative is one of the most joyous things you can do and to be able to put emotions, life experiences, and stories into music is a truly beautiful thing.

With her latest single, “Talk to Me,” Ella emits a radiance and buoyancy so prevailing with her performance, that we can’t help but click replay.

“Talk to Me,” begins with the essence of a wistful soundscape playing through the speakers. Ella’s sultry vocals remain an intoxicating centerpiece while combining with the up-tempo pulsing elements of the drums and sparkling high hats. Ella expresses her profound and zealous emotions about not wanting to fall for someone but their presence is so intoxicating that she can’t help it.

Pairing the well-crafted lyrics, Ella gleams with a wide range of melodies matching the beautiful instrumentation at any given point in this record, it creates a striking blend of vocals that enthrall the audience and allow them to be transported into her empowering charisma.

Ella confidently delivers a magnetic and powerful ambiance in her performance from the moment the song starts to the moment it’s completed.

We're obsessed with the way Ella talks to us through this track and we can’t wait to be graced by more from this up and coming artist.

Hello Ella, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on your release of, “Talk to Me.” We can’t help but gush over this record. What does this song mean to you and what do you want listeners to take away from it?

Thank you so much! The reason I love this song so much is that it’s not your typical love song / break up song, it’s a lot more complicated and messy than that and it has a bad girl type of energy to it which I really like because I think everyone has two sides to themselves and it’s fun to write about that. I want listeners to just vibe with that energy of the song and embrace it!

Could you please take us into the creative process in the studio when, “Talk to Me,” came to life?

I had so much fun recording this song, I co-wrote with an amazing team (Haripriya Ngalete & my producer Boom Dice ). We were all singing and dancing around and just vibing to it and I just fell in love with it straight away. My producer had just got back from Mexico and had a load of Pesos and we were throwing them everywhere, it was hilarious.

What was it like being added to the Unity Radio roster with, “Talk to Me?”

It was so cool, really weird at the same time though! It was just so strange hearing it being spoken about on the radio and then when it was being played the DJ stopped it halfway through and did a rewind to listen to it twice in a row! I honestly couldn’t believe it, my mum and I were just so shocked we couldn’t stop laughing!

What is your favorite lyric you penned from, "Talk to Me," and why?

My favorite lyric from “Talk to Me” is “I’d be lying if I said that I could be your friend” because it has a change in rhythm and it's really flirty and almost like it’s being said by “the devil on my shoulder."

What can we expect to see next from you?

Hopefully lots of new music early next year! Obviously, lots of things have slowed down due to the pandemic and it’s just a lot harder to get into the studio at the moment but definitely early next year I’ll have lots of new stuff! I also think it would be so cool to collab with another artist, I’ve always wanted to do that!


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