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Ellarra Doesn't Want to Choose Between "Peace of Mind and You"

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter, Ellarra is based in Ontario, Canada, with a sound best described as a fusion of R&B/Soul, Jazz, and Neo-Soul.

She began writing music at the age of 5, but her passion for music flowed from as early as the day she was born. Writing directly from the soul, as her music is rooted in truth, nothing gets held back as she performs from the heart's core.

Dipping into an opulent reiteration of the smoother than butter techniques that Ellarra expresses, her latest single “Peace of Mind and You,” comes to us from a pacifying wave of yearning.

The Jazz forward soundscape indulges us in the warmth of saxophone notes that cascade upon a timely rhythm steered by the resonated bassline and protruding guitar riffs. Through every element in the instrumentation being purposeful to the point where the impact it has is inimitable, the striking foundation of passion-infused spirit taps into our disposition thoroughly.

With lyrical motifs like, ‘I don’t want to choose in between peace and you,’ swarming our headspace with the factuality that resides in a passage of this capability, we’ve all been through a situation that requires us to feed into the nonsense more than we should have. Exuding a mature sound with the powerful timbres she transmits through the sound waves, Ellarra lets us feel all of the Amy Winehouse vibes that recharge our very being.

It’s rare to come across such a unique vocal tone these days, and the way that Ellarra allows this to radiate in a new-fangled dimension is rather uncanny. “Peace of Mind and You,” takes us into the ebb and flow that certain relationships bring in themes of lust and romance.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ellarra, and congratulations on the release of your latest single “Peace of Mind and You.” Coming from a place of personal experience, did you find it fairly easy to tap into this headspace when crafting this song?

Yes, I’d say so! I wrote this song in the heat of the moment when needing to release any pent-up emotions and feelings about a certain situation I was in. Music for me is many things but especially it is a form of Therapy; so, often before even talking to anyone about my experiences I go to music first. This is why I always say if you want to know things about my life or what’s going on with me, listen to my music first.

Do you feel that your soul gets to experience closure after writing such vulnerable content? What do you hope you can take away from every writing experience?

Absolutely. The soul and music are so closely related to me so every time I finish writing a song I feel as though a weight has been lifted from me. It’s a form of reclamation of my inner peace and power. What I hope I can take away from every writing experience is the peace in knowing that I was completely honest with myself and left all my cards on the table.

What would you like your audience to grasp from the themes and messaging exposed in “Peace of Mind and You?" Is there a particular lyric that you’d like to resonate with them more than others?

If anything, what I hope my audience grasps is what they need from the song and leave the rest behind. This song, “Peace of Mind and You”, encompasses my own experience of being in a relationship where the love gave wasn’t reciprocated and the effects it has on self. You can’t force someone to love you the way you need to be loved but you CAN love yourself the way you need to be loved. Choose yourself and your peace of mind and I promise the rest will align. The particular lyric(s) I hope resonates more than others would have to be “You’re bearing all the fruit that I provided, leave it alone”. This essentially means I’ve given you all the love (fruits) that I can give yet you’re not willing to reciprocate or acknowledge it but you still want to be the only one receiving it; If you can’t reciprocate the love, then leave it alone.

Being your first release of 2021, what does “Peace of Mind and You” say about the direction your sound is headed?

It says it’s only up from here and expect the unexpected! I’m constantly evolving as a being and as a musician so expect that to be reflected in my music as well. My music is rooted in my own truth(s) so however, that chooses to manifest…time will tell.

What's next for you?

Stay tuned for much more music on the way! An ep/body of work is in creation; however, I have no set info or date for its release, just heavily trusting in ((divine timing)). With hopes that all stays well in the world, live shows/performances are also coming soon! Thank you for showing me as well as my music so much love and for sticking with me through it all, big things are coming!


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