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Elle E.D. Radiates In Her Debut Release Of "Melanin Drip"

Elle E.D. is a Los Angeles-based visionary that has spent most of her career growth in the shadows of some of the world's biggest stars. Everyone from Lady Gaga to Nicki Minaj, Diddy Dirty Money, Fergie, Magic!, Mary J. Blige, and Queen Latifah have benefitted from the creative drip that Elle E.D. brings both to the studio as well as the stage.

Elle E.D. responsibly labels herself as "a beacon for the culture," taking steps towards bringing balance back to hip hop, especially for women. She is a fashion-forward up and comer who aims to bring her thought-provoking and edgy lyrics to life using choreography and bold visuals reminiscent of the iconic videos of MTV's prime era.

Carrying such considerable energy that orbits around her presence, Elle E.D. debuts with her first-ever single release as she takes us into the intoxicating sounds of "Melanin Drip." Her witty verses take us through prime examples of how timing and tight poignant flows mesh together in hip-hop.

Elle E.D.'s confidence ignites a flame with us and showcases her unique approach to her craft in the new wave of the music industry. Recruiting close collaborative partner DSTRK to emphasize further the lively energy and prevailing message in "Melanin Drip," the ebb and flow on this record are immaculate. These two artists team up for a vocal expression that you can't shake as you get fully caught up in each word performed.

Although we're sure you can read between the lines of the forward and compelling lyrical motifs heard in "Melanin Drip," the two dynamic artists celebrate the birthright of Africans and African Americans, culturally known as 'drip.' One lyric at a time, Elle E.D. and DSTRK expose the plague of cultural appropriation that continuously invades hip-hop culture and the black community. Hooked on elevating the narrative we live each day, Elle E.D. has every intention of bringing balance to the art form of rap music.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Elle E.D, and congratulations on the debut of your first single, "Melanin Drip." What inspired you to take the plunge and finally release music that your fan base can tap into?

Thank you! I had a lot of time to reflect during the past two years as the world shut down and I found myself in a phase of self-discovery and truly embracing what I felt were the best parts of me. During what was easily one of the darkest times of my life, I discovered a new light in myself and kind of had a rebirth. I really just felt inspired to go on this journey and share that authentic piece of myself with listeners. I’ve played a background role in the music industry behind some of the biggest names in music (Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Diddy) and I’ve learned so much, but now felt like the perfect time to step into the light and walk my own path. How does it feel knowing your first single is out and that it brings such an uplifting message to the speakers?

At times it’s terrifying! I’ve worked so hard to put such a positive thing out there and I know it’s not going to stick for everyone. It’s met with so much love from one side and then absolutely hate from another. So it’s a challenging first single, but I stand by the work and the message. If this is only a warm-up, what sounds can your audience expect from you in the future? What is your primary goal to accomplish with the music you craft? Expect high energy, fun, a whole lot of dancing, and songs with no throwaway bars. Every line needs to be right. Expect a little bit of Missy and a few drops of Outkast or Busta. We may go Janet on a few songs we may go Kendrick. More than anything, I expect the community I’m building to walk away with an immersive experience that inspires them the way my favorite artists did me. With this upcoming project, the biggest thing I hope to accomplish is to make people feel something. I want to make people wanna move and spark up new musical conversations. I want to make those that paved the way before me proud and for them to be willing to show love and support as they pass me the torch. What's your mission statement as an artist? What is one of your biggest goals with your music this year? I’m here to bring balance back to hip hop, especially for women. There’s room for all of us to exist and not talk about the same thing or look the same way. I’m here to stay so this year is about breaking down barriers and being seen as well as heard.


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