Elle Krese Shows Honest Artistry And Talent In Debut Album “Written In The Stars”

Elle Krese is a talented singer/songwriter hailing from the Washington, D.C. area. The 16-year-old artist has auditioned and been selected for regional choral groups and she is classically trained. Most recently, on July 2019, she applied and was admitted to the Summer Conservatory at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in Los Angeles. In addition to pursuing her passion as a recording artist, she enjoys musical theatre. Most recently, she played Medda Larkin in production of “Newsies.” Her debut album titled “Written In The Stars” was released November 2018, when Elle was only 15!

The first track on the album “Written In The Stars” titled “Little Did He Know” showcases the refreshing artist Elle Krese’s eclectic musical stylings. A smooth electronic pop piece, “Little Did He Know” fuses contemporary pop and electronic synths to make this introduction a hit! It talks about Elle’s personal experience and ups and downs of love. The album transitions into “Dear Future Me” and we’re instantly hooked, the quirky retrospective track is hypnotizing and pure. The overall theme of the song is to give your future self helpful advice and empowerment. Elle is inspiring, confident, and extremely self-aware. “Dear Future Me” is a transcendent anthem that highlights Elle’s genre-bending abilities. Next up on the album is “He’s Not My Movie”, a lyrically deep single that focuses on how some aspects of relationships are just a game. Elle Krese recites poetry through flawless lyricism and surprisingly emotive delivery. She fuses dark pop with a contemporary beat to keep us hooked. Elle’s debut album moves into a touching composition titled “Hurricane Soul”. The powerhouse vocalist starts the song with passion and fire burning through the speakers. The R&B vibe to this song blends well with featured artist’s Wess’ prolific verse.

“Superhero” is a hypnotizing piano ballad equipped with raw emotion and truth. The composition of multi-layered sounds has me blown away instantly. Elle’s strong vocals complement the piano’s soft and beautiful sound perfectly. The powerful energy is intoxicating throughout this piece but still keeps up with the vibrant pop sound that Elle Krese is known for. Elle’s vocals are consistently polished and timeless. Keeping true to her dramatic, electro-pop, aesthetic Elle Krese’s explosive hit “Robots” comes barrelling through the speakers and we can’t get enough. It’s fresh and melodic and boasts an inspiring summer anthem vibe. The synths in this song are breathtaking, the vocals are once again flawless and the overall audio production is seamless. Upbeat from beginning to end, “Robots” is sure to have you grooving along. The final song on the album “Written In The Stars” is titled “I Miss You”. This song truly highlights Elle’s versatility and emotional maturity as an artist. She wears her heart on her sleeve and turns her poetic words into spectacular songs. Elle has created something so exemplary and finely-calibrated. This debut album is sure to be an absolute success. Elle has the fanbase, talent, ambition, and confidence to rise to the top. Her angelic vocals, emotive lyricism and polished musical arrangements make her an instant legend and the one to watch. Stay tuned!

Listen to “Written In The Stars” here!

What was the writing process like for this project?

I wrote “Superhero” when I was 13 and honestly don’t remember the writing process. I just remember being in a groove and just writing down what I was feeling. I wrote “Dear Future Me” when I was 14 and I drew inspiration from my journal which is a series of letters to my future self. I wrote “Hurricane Soul” when I was 14 as well based on a girl who had been bullying me and I wrote the song as an outlet to let myself know that she was doing it because she didn’t feel good about herself. Then I wrote and recorded the other four songs when I was 15 because I realized I wanted to compile the work I had already done with new material to make a little album. I wrote “Little Did He Know” about a chance meeting with a guy in Michigan, I wrote “He’s Not My Movie” about a boy I used to know and care about who distanced himself emotionally when he found out he was moving away to Georgia, I wrote “Robots” about my old school where everyone acted the same way in order to fit in and I thought that was wrong, and finally, I wrote “I Miss You” about a friend of mine whom I was growing apart from and it was a shout into the abyss between us trying to figure out what was wrong. Overall, the timeline of this project was really spread out and I tended to write all of my songs the same way: hone in on an emotional moment in my life and write to get all of my emotions out. Additionally, after I came up with the general idea and structure of the songs, my producer, Alexi von Guggenberg assisted me in cleaning up or adding to the song.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I hope that my listeners take away that none of my songs are there just because. I hope they pick up on the fact that my songs are there because they come from a very real story and an even more real place in my heart.

What track on the album would you say made you channel the most emotion when creating it?

Definitely “I Miss You.” That song is pure emotion stemming from the loss of my best friend from my life and realizing I was alone which was scary.

Do you have any upcoming events or shows you’d like to talk about?

Not at the moment but I’m looking into more performance opportunities with my manager now.


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