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Ellison Brings Hope for the Future with His New Single "2021"

Detroit's Ellison is back with a new single "2021", via Imastar Records, on September 26, 2020, which is the follow-up to his infectious song "Sing". A lot of people, companies, and businesses have placed their focus on the future and for a better 2021. That’s were Ellison’s new single “2021” comes into the picture loud and clear.

Ellison says “From the Black Mamba to the Black Panther. From racial injustice to COVID-19 shutdown, 2020 has been a year of turmoil and challenge. Many people have already “canceled” 2020 in their minds."2021" attaches hope, longing, and fun for the year 2021 and personifies the excitement of meeting the year that will be “my baby, be the one!"

“2021” is a bit of retro mixed with modern. It’s a tune that infuses the classic Pop and R&B sounds of Motown with James Brown syncopated funk! Ellison manages to present soul in a new yet classic light.

Ellison states, “I wanted to write a song that allows people to hope and look forward to the future while still having fun!”

Listen to "2020" here.


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