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Ellison Sings of a Dynamic and Difficult Relationship in "For Her"

The Danish singer-songwriter and passionate recording artist Ellison pays tribute to the difficulties of a father-daughter relationship with his latest emotional single, "For Her."

Ellison was previously the lead singer of SHERPA with Tore Nissen, former producer and music director for the Letterman-approved Oh Land. Now, Ellison is focusing on his solo music career after releasing only two singles, quickly making a name for himself and his versatile music.

Ellison recently released his compelling sophomore single, "For Her," which tracks the relationship between a father and his daughter and their inability to create the bond society expects. A truly poignant and compelling song, Ellison also released a music video in collaboration with Danish fashion designer Soeren Le Smidt, which is available on Youtube.

Listening to the new single, "For Her," we're peacefully greeted with a plucky electric guitar arrangement and emotional, airy background drums. As Ellison jumps into this atmospheric and emotional piece, he enlightens us on the trials and tribulations of a familial relationship that doesn't seem to connect. We truly appreciate Ellison's raw emotion within this single; he makes it incredibly easy for anyone to take something away for themselves.

Alongside the song's soothing and soft instrumentals, Ellison continues to passionately sing the emotional lyrical story while blessing our ears with his modern harmonies, dense production, and groovy instrumentation. We love how dynamic this song is; it perfectly reflects any relationship's dynamic up and downs. With two powerful singles under his belt, it's without a doubt that Ellison's music will move mountains sooner than later.

Do yourself a favor and experience the latest cathartic single from Ellison entitled "For Her," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ellison. We adore the relatable and compelling story you've told within your new single, "For Her." What inspired you to create a song about a difficult father-daughter relationship?

The song is inspired by a girl I know, who keeps hoping for her father to change and show her fatherly affection. There are small signs of his love such as presents or a rare hug at a family dinner, but most of the time she gets disappointed and hurt by the absence of his recognition and affection. However, she keeps holding on to hope that their relationship will change and will probably hold on to it forever.

Did you work entirely solo when crafting the dense production for "For Her?" What sort of atmosphere or vibe did you want the sonics to offer?

"For Her" was actually written at a summerhouse during a one-hour session during a songwriting camp. Benjamin Bonnevie who is a Danish guitarist played some chords which I sang to, which created the foundation for the song together with the synth in the hook. I produced the song myself with some help from Danish producer Nicolai Levring to finish it off. I really wanted to create a product that reflected the hope for something that never comes. In the end, however, I couldn't resist letting the bass kick in and give the song an upbeat final. But with the vocal, the outro also reflects the frustration and hurt that has bottled up through the years.

Was it challenging to write such emotional lyrics for "For Her?" What was your songwriting process like?

I mean, it is always hard to write about somebody else's pain, especially someone you know. Releasing the song is also a bit scary as I am not sure that she truly knows it is inspired by her story with her father. However, I have many friends who have experienced the same. What I also want to say in the wake of the song, is that I believe there is a lot of pressure from society about how to be a good father and a good mother, which can lead to fathers and mothers withdrawing themselves due to insecurity or a feeling of lack of ability. So I am not trying to paint a black picture of the father, but rather encourage people to talk about why this happens.

How can we get to know you better through your two released singles? How do these songs reflect you?

I think there is a good mixture of who I am as a person and a songwriter. I like to get feelings out in the open and talk about them. At the same time, I also want to make music you can dance to like 'I Could Be Your Lover'. So I guess the two singles give you a good idea of me and what you can expect for the next single, which will be released early next year. I also think this applies to the mother role as well. Up to ten percent of mothers go through postpartum depression, which I also believe can have something to do with the pressure from society that makes you think that something is wrong if you don't immediately think your child is the best thing that has ever happened to you.


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