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Elroy Buries Us in Introspection With, "BONES"

Hailing from rural Pennsylvania, the enigmatic artist and singer-songwriter Elroy opens up with his latest vulnerable release, "BONES."

Having played piano, drums, and guitar since childhood, Elroy now spends his time exploring the wilderness of his hometown while garnering inspiration from each experience he meets. Learning to produce and engineer at Berklee College of Music, Elroy is finally embarking on a solo career.

Releasing his latest emotional single, "BONES," Elroy tells an intimate story of facing one's thoughts alone and wanting to fill the empty void in his life with love. While offering a sonic blend of pop and hip-hop, Elroy takes us through a personal story that triggers profound emotions in any listener who graces this piece.

Jumping into "BONES," Elroy opens the song with his low and melodic vocals that sing a saddening story of finding new experiences to excite him and get out of the mental rut he finds himself in. Listening to the punchy sonics, we love the bouncy feel of the drum patterns and melodic background synths that fade alongside Elroy's soothing vocals.

Although his vocals are incredibly calming and warm, Elroy offers a highly intimate and vulnerable performance through his passionate delivery that keeps us locked into each heartfelt word and relatable lyric. Ending the song with smooth alternative instrumentation that drifts into the background, we genuinely adore Elroy's performance and arrangement within this piece.

Find Elroy's emotional single, "BONES," on all digital streaming platforms, and sink yourself into reflection with each vulnerable and relatable lyric he sings.



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