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Elyse Aeryn Releases Her Prismatic New Single, "Salt"

Everything changes when you realize that we, as individuals, are the quintessential curators in our own life's experiences.

This is the ethos that Elyse Aeryn—the former Chemical Engineer turned Alternative-Folk chanteuse—adopted when she was first decided to achieve mastery in the guitar at an early age; and all on her own accord. Now, with a distinctive Folk and Indie-Pop reflecting character, and a new creative chapter at the foot, the Canadian intoner releases her first self-produced single titled: "Salt."

Here, Elyse Aeryn conjures up a hyaloid landscape that echoes the incandescent textures found within the Nova Scotian's prismatic incantations.

The Contemporary production swoons over the buoyant amalgamation of softly carbonated Top-line harmonies, a percurrent array of echoing claps, and the synergistic delight of an acoustic guitar that dissolves into cordial piano fingerings. There's a scintillating electric guitar that evaporates into existence throughout the playthrough.

As we transition from an ambient verse and into a smooth gliding chorus festooned with time-less "Ooohs" and "Aaaah," Aeryn stretches out her inventive wings with a tempo breakdown midway through. Here, she halves the tempo with a subtly progressive cascading effect—like when a feather floats back down to the earth with calming grace—that sanctifies the entire enchanting experience with an ethereal after-glow. 

It's undeniable that when Elyse Aeryn follows her creative intuitions, there is no stopping her, and with "Salt," she establishes that when we put our minds to it, we can accomplish anything. 

Hello Elyse, welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you explain Salt's narrative and some of the critical sentiments you were trying to highlight through this song's textures and aesthetic?

Salt is your end of summer heartbreak anthem. Energetic in its hard-hitting drums, yet steady in the bass line, it builds you up then lets you fall... just like a fiery summer love. With the vocal essence of a 90s Natalie Merchant and the fresh alt-pop vibe of Maggie Rogers, Salt reminds you of the spark that lit you up and left you burning. But all of the greatest loves are over now, aren't they?

What's been the most significant learning experience behind producing this single solely on your own?

I quickly learned the importance of reference tracks. It was amazing how something could sound satisfying without a reference point, yet dull and lifeless next to a professionally mastered track. Dropping a reference right into my project and comparing both the high and low end back throughout them mix helps me get closer to my goal at a faster pace. 

How do you go about curating your production's emotional journeys through the channeling of your main musical influences, and do you ever find it challenging to manifest those inspirations in your own individualistic way?

I write and arrange everything on an acoustic guitar before I even consider the studio and I’m guided by my influences from the beginning - that maybe the way I choose my lyrics, the rhythm or groove I’m strumming with, or the vocal nuances of the phrasing. My individuality comes through pretty naturally when writing, but it can certainly be challenging to express that acoustic composition in my individual way come studio time, especially when I’m the one behind the “mixing board”. If I find myself leaning too hard on a reference track for inspiration, I’ll totally change the beat or the phrasing to find a unique delivery. I’m often drawing on elements of two or three totally different songs will helps me mix up something fresh. 

What are some milestone goals you've set out for yourself this year, and can you tell us about some of the steps you plan on—or have already taken—in achieving those goals?

I set a goal of releasing a 5-track self-produced EP in the fall of this year. I started in April, giving myself a month to learn the basics, then a month per song, but I got a new job and joined a band this summer and it set me back about a month. Now I am telling all my friends and family that they might not see me for a couple of months because I have two songs left and I need to crack down lol! I get up early on weekends, I limit my socializing, and I set my goals monthly, weekly, and daily to stay on track. It’s all about time management. We have lots of time…but how do we use it?

What has been keeping you inspired this year?

I read a lot, especially when I’m doubting myself. The past couple of years I read a lot of books on spiritual growth. If I’m feeling like “maybe I’m not meant for this” I pick up some Wayne Dyer or Louise Hay and I’m reminded that I’m meant for whatever my heart desired. I also love artists’ autobiographies. I get really inspired to know that most of our greats weren’t just “discovered" - they worked hard, they believed in themselves when no one else did, and they did it for the art.  



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