Elyssa Plaza Expands on Summer Flings in, "It Was Summer"

The Toronto-based R&B/Alternative artist and Singer-Songwriter Elyssa Plaza returns with a sweet and emotional summer single entitled "It Was Summer."

Through years of choir singing and vocal lessons, Elyssa Plaza has landed herself amongst the stars with her breathtaking delivery that never fails to captivate the listener. With inspirations like Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, and Daniel Caesar, Elyssa Plaza is able to convey her truth while doing so in the smoothest of ways.

Diving into false infatuation with her recent single, "It Was Summer," Elyssa Plaza expands on a summer fling that ended with an agreement to be friends. Co-written and composed by Ryan Patrick O'Grady, Elyssa Plaza's honest lyricism touches on the emotions she felt when blindsided by the fact that her fling ended their relationship over text before she got the chance to do it in person respectfully.

Listening to "It Was Summer," the song begins with samples of birds and cicadas that warm the air alongside a tender electric guitar and a downtempo r&b drum arrangement. As Elyssa Plaza starts to serenade us with her smooth and velvety vocals, she later expands on how she would steer away from those lonely midnight blues when she landed upon someone new who could make her feel whole once again.

Diving into the hook, Elyssa Plaza elaborates on how she felt taken advantage of when she would reach out for a hand to hold. This separation might have hurt her ego, but it clearly offered a needed lesson to the young singer-songwriter, as she can now reflect on those experiences through her sweet-sounding tunes.

Lose yourself in the warmth and tenderness of Elyssa Plaza's latest single, "It Was Summer," now available on all digital streaming platforms.