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Emarosa Shares Passion-Pop Razzle Dazzle In “Again”

Successfully venturing into glittery synth-wave, pop, and alternative is the dynamic duo Emarosa with their latest single, "Again," from their forthcoming album, Sting.

Comprising Bradley Scott on vocals and ER White on guitar, the two have collaborated for nearly a decade. More recently, Emarosa aimed to transform their sound and energetically renew the band's musical vision. They've shifted from hard rock to dreamy, dazzling alternative and never looked back.

This genre transformation landed Emarosa a top spot on the U.S. Billboards charts and a completely sold-out nationwide tour. The momentum isn't slowing down, and the duo is approaching the release of their forthcoming album, Sting, featuring the passionate and glittery pop anthem "Again."

It's clear Emarosa has developed a knack for producing pop-heavy synth-wave 80s-inspired tracks, and "Again" is a perfect example. The beaming and bouncy keys open the song with a sense of euphoria. At the same time, Bradley Scott's airy and zesty vocals pump through the speakers with deeply passionate lyricism and his natural wit.

ER White's groovy guitar keeps the energy high and blesses us with the sweetest melodies to groove the night away. This song screams 80s synthpop, with low bass-like synths and snappy snare drums that pump up the party. The overall energy of Emarosa is contagious, and they have no problem making us want to bust a move while chanting Scott's catchy and relatable lyrics of love's peaks and valleys.

There's so much to hear in Emarosa's new single, "Again," and we don't expect anything less from their upcoming album, Sting. Find "Again" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Emarosa. We adore your recently-released synthpop anthem, "Again." What inspired your duo to create this passion-powered and glittery hit?

Our co-writer Stefano Pigliapoco was a huge part of this track. It’s a monster idea that he tapped into, and then we really molded the idea into what it is now. This track was very collaborative; the high-energy pop is not something that we’ve tackled before as a band, so it was fun to bring this new temperature to a record.

What was our duo's creative process like when in the studio creating "Again"? How long was this song in the making?

We really took a strong concept and watched it snap together pretty quickly. The best songs on an album (in my opinion) are going to happen faster than you expect. When you look back after writing it and think, “Wow, is that it? Is it done”? Those are the best moments, and the song practically wrote itself after the foundation was there.

Did you have any musical or artistic influences in mind when crafting the instrumentals and atmosphere of "Again"? What styles, genres, or artists might have influenced this track?

I think the synth-pop world as a whole really got a hold of us on this album, to an extent. We listened to a lot of 80s pop. Paula Abdul, George Michael. The list goes on.

How does "Again" prepare listeners for what's to come with your upcoming album, Sting? How does this single tie into the album's theme and concept?

I don't worry too much about to cohesiveness of the album. We wrote songs that we felt and were proud of. Songs we wanted to release, there’s absolutely a link throughout the album, but I think each listener will find their own place. It’s definitely a pop record if you’re on board with that. It’s for you.

What's next for Emarosa?

We’ll enjoy the holidays, embrace the new album coming January 27th and then take over the world.


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