EMAYLA Shares her Passion with “Deepest Love”

Born and raised in Italy, up and coming artist Emanuela Bellezza creates her music under the stage name EMAYLA. The multitalented artist is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, painter, and polyglot. With such a diverse artistic background, EMAYLA has found great success throughout her career: she has been a finalist in two international songwriting contests, and she has worked with Juanes, Gustavo Borner, Franco de Vita, and Nathan East.

EMAYLA has just released her fourth album, 'New Freedom,' and is excited to connect with fans through these new songs. Hailing from the new album, with catchy melodies and passionate energy, EMAYLA has released a laid back track called "Deepest Love."

EMAYLA will have her fans winding down with the relaxed backtrack to "Deepest Love." The slow beat and subtle string instruments leave room for attention to be focused on her angelic vocal abilities. EMAYLA showcases her talent by effortlessly transitioning between throaty, powerful vocals and a light an airy voice.

EMAYLA will reach in and grab your heart with her lustful lyrics. She graces listeners with elegant vocals as she tells a story about her deepest desires. With every soulful aspect of "Deepest Love," passionate music lovers will have no trouble connecting to EMAYLA's emotions.

Can you elaborate on the message behind your lyrics for “Deepest Love?”

"Deepest Love" is the first song of the album and it describes the conflicts we can encounter in a relationship when we give love, but we feel lonely with someone, cause we don't feel loved the same way. It's the beginning of the whole story I narrate in the full album, which is like watching a movie. Can you tell us how “Deepest Love” compares to the rest of the songs on your most recent album “New Freedom?”

"Deepest Love" is the beginning of the whole story I am narrating throughout the full album and it describes how the person in the relationship lives the conflict. That feeling transforms into the impossibility of coming back, the regrets, and the beautiful memories, which is expressed in the second song "Time Doesn't Come Back". After that song, all the following songs describe the "re-birth" after a big breakup. From the cocoon, becoming a beautiful butterfly, feel free to fly and to be yourself, with all your colors.

Here is when "You Will Always Be You", "Surfacing", "New Girl, New World", "Attracted To You" and "Légèreté" come into place. 

This is why the album is called "New Freedom": the rebirth after a difficult time in your life and the freedom to evolve into something better. The colorful feathered fan is made by me and it's the symbol of that new freedom. It represents the full expression of freedom and to fully be yourself. As an artist, you have had the opportunity to work with many successful musicians including Juanes, Gustavo Borner, Franco de Vita, and Nathan East. How did collaborating with these artists influence your musical style?

It's definitely very renewing every time an artist collaborates with other ones. These amazing artists like Juanes, for example, gave me more ideas of different guitar styles playing, like finger-pickings, new rhythms, and new chord shapes, which eventually transformed and evolved in a more acoustic soul style, especially during my live concerts. You have a very diverse and versatile set of artistic talents. What made you decide to master so many different professions, and how does it shape you to be the artist you are today?

Wow, this question gave me chills! Thank you so much for the compliments! I really appreciate that!!

What made me decide to master so many different professions is a huge dose of curiosity, absolute love for music, and will to always keep growing and never stop learning.  From piano when I was 7 years old, to guitar and voice at 15 years old, to ukulele in my early twenties and beatbox, then dancing on heels and other dance skills... it never ends... I also love painting and drawing and will be opening soon my own tea company! I love being an entrepreneur!! Besides all that, answering your question, it's really the unconditional and infinite love of music. 

What can we expect to see next from you?

It's a surprise coming next month!! It's new you have never seen before: I will be releasing some new music videos in September, so stay tuned! It will definitely include music, beatbox, and heels dance... I don't want to say too much cause I don't wanna spoil the surprise.  On top of that, I am now working with new incredible producers to release another album, probably coming out next year!

The surprises are unlimited and I'm always working on something new, so don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on my social media! Find my music on Spotify and Apple Music!